Canon 6D Rumors Heating Up, May Not Arrive Until October

You know the major firmware update that just rolled out for the Canon 7D? The purpose of it might have been to hold Canonites over through a couple months of DSLR-less news. Northlight Images is reporting that Canon will not be unveiling a new DSLR at Photokina, but will instead be waiting until October to unleash a new full frame DSLR on the world.

The new camera is rumored to be a new Canon 6D, and is said to feature a 22 megapixel full frame sensor in a smaller camera body — hopefully a full frame sensor in a crop-sized body, if that’s even possible. We’re unsure at this point whether this is a separate camera from the “entry-level” Canon 7D Mark II full frame DSLR that has been rumored lately.

If the camera is the first of a brand new camera line, then the Canon single-digit-D lineup would go something like this: the 5D would be Canon’s main standard-sized full frame DSLR, the 6D would be a smaller and lighter full frame DSLR, and then 7D would be a high-end crop sensor DSLR.

It would certainly be nice if the 7D was indeed bumped up to full frame. The 70D would succeed the current 7D and the 60D as the flagship APS-C camera, while at the same time the 7D Mark II would fulfill the prophesies rumors of an “entry level” full frame from Canon.

Image credit: Mockup image by Sortable