Print and Build Your Own Highly Detailed Paper Canon Cameras

Last year, Canon celebrated its 50th anniversary in manufacturing SLR cameras and released three super detailed paper craft cameras that you can print out and build yourself. These included the Canonflex, the AE-1, and the EOS 5D Mk II. Unless you have a good amount of time you can set aside for arts and crafts, this probably isn’t for you — each camera has dozens of pages of detailed instructions and a ton of tiny pieces that come together to form the final replica camera.

If you’re feeling ambitious and ready to get started, here are the links to download the printout and instruction PDFs:

Canonflex: [printouts] [instructions]
AE-1: [printouts] [instructions]
EOS 5D Mark II: [printouts] [instructions]

Good luck! If you somehow end up finishing one, be sure to link us to a photo of the resulting awesomeness!