These Printable Camera Designs Are Great for Kids Crafts and Fun Decor


Digital download store Caravan Shoppe has a new product called the Click Click Camera Pack. It’s a set of printable camera designs that are designed for kids crafts and decor.


The pack includes over 30 different camera options with 4 basic camera designs, including black and white versions that kids can color themselves before assembling.



One set of artwork lets you print the designs onto paper for easily foldable cameras. A second set is designed for using Mod Podge and wood blocks to create sturdier camera blocks.

Building the box cameras is simple enough to be a rainy day craft idea or a party activity, and the resulting cameras can make for a cute and colorful piece of home decor.




The pack is available for about $8 over at Caravan Shoppe. A download link is emailed to you after purchasing the product.