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EyeSeeCam Tracks Your Gaze to Capture What You See


You’ve probably seen head-mounted cameras that capture point-of-view photos or videos before, but EyeSeeCam takes the POV concept to a new level. It’s a unique gaze-driven camera that focuses on whatever your eyes are looking at, making it the first camera system that records what your eyes are actually looking at. Here’s a demonstration of what the setup currently looks like in action:

Here’s a video created by the camera system showing the wearer reading a book:

Imagine the possibilities of this technology if it were made compact and ultra-portable. In a few years we might be beaming our personal memories to some data storage service for future reference. Rather than telling stories of our youth to grandchildren, we could show them the memories themselves.

Can you think of any interesting or useful applications of this technology if it were made more practical?