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New Laptop and iPad Camera Dial Decals


Suzieautomatic’s original Canon-style dial sticker was a bit hit in the blogosphere, but it left many non-Canonites wondering whether they could buy one to match their preferred brand.

But suzieatomatic didn’t neglect Nikonians and Leicans for long.

Now, in addition to Canon vinyl decals, the seller is offering Nikon and Leica versions for laptops, also for $15.

The Etsy dealer also released stickers that are customized for some select camera models. So far, as a spectacular ode to camera geekdom, they’ve got stickers for the the Nikon D90, Canon 5D Mark II, and most recently, for the Canon EOS 40D.

And if you got your hands on the iPad this past weekend, suzieatomatic also released an appropriately sized Canon decal.

For whatever brand camp you fall into, your swag can be really specific to what you’re repping.