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Camouflage Your Thermostat with Photos


Have an ugly thermostat in your home that you wish you could hide when not in use? Hanging photographs on your wall could help you make it much less noticeable. Apartment Therapy suggests hiding it in plain sight by using framed photos that are similar in appearance:

Weather in the Northeast being what it is, our in-wall thermostats, radiators and air conditioners are usually only used for a fraction of the year and the rest of the time they serve as unsightly additions to our décor. […]

Hide it in plain sight: We love how the thermostat blends perfectly into Chancie’s family photo wall. As part of the composition of frames it doesn’t stand out — past house sitters have even had trouble finding it.

If you’ve always wanted to hang up some photos, perhaps this could give you a push into making it finally happen.

(via Lifehacker)