Canon’s New Connect Station Wants to Be a Central Hub of Your Photo Experience


Canon today announced a new product called the Connect Station CS100. It’s a system designed for storing, viewing, and sharing your digital photos and videos.
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Yongnuo’s Clone of the Canon 2X Teleconverter Costs $180 Instead of $449


Yongnuo has had quite a busy few months. In addition to the Canon lens clones that have generated quite a bit of buzz, the company has also quietly created a cheaper version of the Canon 2X III teleconverter.
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Bamboo Grips Designed to Add Looks, Ergonomics, and Protection to Your Camera


A company called J.B. Camera Designs is selling a line of premium bamboo grips for a number of popular digital cameras. These accessories attach to the base of your camera and are designed to add “improved ergonomics, increased protection, and a unique look.”
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Fujifilm is Selling Off One of its Major Film Factories in Europe. Here’s a Look Inside


During the glory days of film photography, Fujifilm ran one of its major production facilities in Tilburg, the Netherlands. The plant was founded in 1982 and became one of the biggest manufacturing sites for the company outside of Japan, with nearly 1,000 workers producing film (reportedly up to 200 million rolls per year), photo paper, and other imaging equipment.

In 2006, Fujifilm shut down much of the operations at the plant, and now the company is auctioning off the equipment that has been sitting idle for the past 9 years.
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The iON SnapCam is a Wearable Lifelogging Camera That Can Also Stream Your Life Live


The lifelogging camera market is starting to get crowded. One day after Narrative announced a new version of its wearable, always-snapping camera, a new challenger has emerged. It’s called the SnapCam, and is made by a company called iON (better known for making home and action cameras).
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Seagate Seven is the World’s Thinnest External Hard Drive for Storing Your Photos On the Go


Want to cut down on the size and weight of your photo storage system when shooting on the go? You may want to check out the new Seagate Seven external hard drive. It’s the world’s thinnest — and arguably most beautiful — external hard drive.
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Narrative Unveils the Second Version of Its Wearable Lifelogging Camera


Narrative has just announced the second generation of its wearable lifelogging camera, and the new model features wireless connectivity and a better camera for constantly documenting your life.
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Family in Minnesota Buys Majority Stake in Polaroid for $70 Million


Here’s some news that flew under our radar late last year: in December 2014, a family in Minnesota became the majority owner of Polaroid through a $70 million deal.
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Polaroid Partners with Blipfoto to Launch a Photo-a-Day Service


Polaroid wants to be a big player in the online photo sharing game. The company has partnered with Blipfoto to rebrand the photo-a-day sharing service as Polaroid Blipfoto.
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Cycling Water Bottles Designed to Look like Rolls of Classic Films


San Francisco-based cycling team/brand Mash SF is selling a line of “Purist” water bottles that are inspired by the designs of classic film stocks. So far there’s Kodachrome, Fuji Velvia, Ilford HP5, and Agfa Pro 200.

The bottles hold 22oz of liquid, have Moflo caps on top, and cost $10 each from the Mash SF store.