New Profoto Softboxes Create Soft and Controllable Light in Seconds

Profoto's new softboxes set up in seconds

Profoto’s new range of softboxes, aptly named the “Profoto Softbox” series, is designed for the company’s larger and more powerful lights, the B, D, and Pro series. With a built-in speedring and collapsible design, the new softboxes are ready to use “within seconds.”

The new softboxes come in three models (sizes), the Profoto Softbox 3′ Octa, the 1×4′ Softbox Strip, and the 2×3′ Rectangular Softbox. All three are made for in-studio and on-location photography.

The Softbox 3′ Octa is “ideal for flattering portraits,” per Profoto. Its circle-like shape creates natural-looking catchlights in a subject’s eyes and includes a removable diffuser. It includes a reflective silver interior.

Profoto's new softboxes set up in seconds

The Softbox Strip, which is 12 by 48 inches (30 by 120 centimeters), is designed for edge or rim lighting.

Profoto's new softboxes set up in seconds

“Its design produces soft light with long shadow edges on the long side and harder light with short shadow edges on the short side, making it ideal for edge or rim lighting. This essential light shaper enhances the curves and profiles of objects and effectively separates the subject from the background,” Profoto explains.

Rounding out the trio of new softboxes, the Softbox Rectangular is 24 by 36 inches (60 by 90 centimeters) at the front. It is made to deliver precise and versatile soft light, ideal for fashion, beauty, and portrait photography.

Profoto's new softboxes set up in seconds

“This essential tool offers precise control over lighting setups and suits most photography areas, making it no surprise that it’s one of our most popular shapes,” says Profoto.

Although designed for the Profoto B, D, and Pro-series flashes, the new softboxes also work with smaller units, like the popular Profoto A models, like the A1X and A10. To use the new light modifiers with these units, users must have an adapter, like the Clic OCF Adapter II, which is available for $300.

They also work alongside new light-shaping modifiers, including interchangeable soft grids, edge masks, diffusers, and strip masks.

All three new Profoto Softboxes are $449 each and come with an integrated speed ring and a protective bag. The new modifiers range from $69 to $149. All the new Profoto products are available to order now through Profoto and its authorized retail partners.

Image credits: Profoto