The 2024 OnePlus Photography Awards Are Open for Entries

Snippets of photographs form concentric circles around a camera lens at the center.

On February 29th, the fourth annual OnePlus Photography Awards (OPA) will open for entries. OPA is in partnership with the International Photography Awards and is dedicated to highlighting impressive mobile phone photography.

Disclosure: This story brought to you by OnePlus.

The theme of OPA 2024 is “Make the Moment.” OnePlus explains that this vision extends beyond capturing fleeting slices of time: they aspire to amplify photographers’ distinctive tone and unique emotion, elevating moments into unforgettable masterpieces. The theme was inspired by the first human moon landing photo, which was taken by a Hasselblad camera, highlighting the partnership between Hasselblad and OnePlus. While the contest is organized by OnePlus, a smartphone manufacturer, it is open to all mobile photography, with the goal of making photography more accessible and encouraging everyone with a phone camera to become a photographer who is capable of capturing special moments.

IPA and OnePlus Collaboration

OnePlus states that its mission is to “Never Settle,” and it aims to support photography by pushing the boundaries of what is possible with smartphone imaging technology. To further its mission, the company entered into a three-year partnership with the International Photography Awards (IPA), beginning in 2021. It continues to build on that partnership of exploring the future of professional mobile phone photography in 2024.

As part of the relationship between the two groups, the OnePlus 12 phone was named the Official Smartphone of the IPA 2024. IPA also offers support for the OnePlus Photography Awards in the form of an official endorsement and professional juries.

2024 OnePlus Photography Awards Details

Over the past three years, OPA has garnered significant influence in the global photography community, with over 50,000 photos submitted from 110+ countries and regions worldwide. This year, within the year’s “Make the Moment” theme, there are three different categories that participants can compete in.

The first category is Light and Shadow: Optical Game. “​​Capture the unique magic of light and shadow, manipulating light to blur the boundary between reality and fantasy. This subtle interplay sets the stage for a compelling visual story,” explains the category description.

The second category is Colors: Magic Palette. The OnePlus 12 camera is well known for its colors, so it makes sense that the company would include a color-based category in its contest. OnePlus further describes this category as “Elicit true to life colors everywhere, from urban neon landscapes, rustic twilight locations, vibrant apparel, and everything in between. Showcase the rhythmic beauty and pure essence of color.”

Finally, Faces: Emotional Mirrors, the third category, is all about portraits. OnePlus explains that this category is for showcasing emotions on the faces of people, pets, and animals.

Entities open on February 29 and run through June 30, 2024. There is a group category for OnePlus users, but there is also a Public Group that is open to any smartphone whatsoever, so participants don’t need a OnePus phone. To enter, head to the OPA 2024 website and enter the title of the entry along with a 50-word story about the image.

The OPA 2024 features a more diverse jury team which includes Hasselblad Ambassadors, Hasselblad Masters, IPA jury members, and OnePlus imaging product experts. The contest this year also features a more open format, allowing more people to participate.

Contest Awards and Prizes

It wouldn’t be a contest if there weren’t some awards and prizes, and indeed, there are plenty with OPA 2024. There are two groups of entries, providing separate winners who took photos with OnePlus phones and those who used other devices. Within each group and category, there is a Gold, Silver, and Bronze prize, which pays $5,000, $2,000, and $1,000, respectively. All winners will receive a 2024 OnePlus product, the title of “OnePlus Photography Expert,” and have the opportunity to work with OnePlus in the future.

Beyond the category winners, there will also be a Photo of the Year award. This prestigious award will involve a $10,000 prize. Like the other awards, this winner will also receive a 2024 OnePlus product, the title of “OnePlus Photography Ambassador,” and have the opportunity to work with OnePlus in the future.

Outstanding images beyond winners will be shared across the OPA 2024 official website and other official channels as well.

OnePlus 12 Details

As the Official Smartphone of the IPA 2024, the OnePlus 12, released globally in January of 2024, is an impressive device that features the Fourth Gen Hasselblad Camera System. PetaPixel spent some time with the phone earlier this year, testing out its camera and capabilities.

The three-camera array of the OnePlus 12 includes the industry’s first 50-megapixel primary camera with a Sony LYT-808 Type 1/1.4-inch image sensor, f/1.6 aperture, 23mm equivalent focal length, and optical image stabilization. OnePlus also introduced an ALC Coating IR filter to reduce red glare and artifacts, improving image quality across various lighting conditions.

The OnePlus 12 is the first OnePlus single-screen flagship to feature its 64-megapixel periscope camera with a 3x optical zoom. This camera features a Type 1/2 OV64B image sensor, 70mm equivalent focal length, and optical image stabilization. It can use an in-sensor crop to provide up to 6x zoom or up to 120x digital zoom if users are okay with sacrificing some quality. Rounding out the trio is the 48-megapixel, 114-degree ultrawide camera. It offers a 16mm equivalent focal length and is able to focus as close as 3.5 centimeters (1.38 inches).

Beyond hardware, OnePlus 12 features the latest HDR algorithm, which is a true master at manipulating light, balancing the interplay between the foreground and background, and capturing real-time details in the essence of the moment. It also sees an improved Portrait Mode that simulates bokeh and flare effects from Hasselblad lenses and upgraded image processing algorithms also developed in partnership with Hasselblad. Plus, a new Master Mode provides direct access to tint, sharpness, contrast, vignette, and saturation before pressing the shutter.

OPA 2023 Winners

A person walks in front of fireworks and a crowd at a Fire Dragon Dancer festival at night.
The 2023 Grand Winner: “Fire Dragon Dancer at the Night” by Zhuowen Ao.
A blue ice cave has a hole that looks deeper into the cave.
2023 Infinite Nature First Prize: Ice Cave by Chen Ma.
A small village sits in front of fall trees and a steep mountain cliff.
2023 Infinite Nature Second Prize: “The Golden Spruces” by Luca Camminati.
A turquoise river cuts through a steep mountain valley.
2023 Social Media Group First Prize: “The Hangrang Valley” by four.lens
A person with a mask stands in front of a subway train with a crowd blurred while moving past.
2023 City Voices Third Prize: “Crowded Metro Station” by Hhesher Sun.
Red cliffs stand in front of a star-filled night sky.
2023 Visions of Night First Prize: “Midwest Midnight” by Justen Christensen.
A ferris wheel's light blur while spinning at night.
2023 Visions of Night Third Prize: “Ferris Wheels” by Rijan Sangat.
Red rocks frame a night sky filled with stars.
2023 Social Media Group First Prize: “Orion Stars” by mohandravid.