From Above: Astronaut Don Pettit on the Experience of Photographing Earth from Space

Check out this gorgeous short film in which NASA astronaut Don Pettit shares what it was like to photograph Earth from orbit in the International Space Station. During his time aboard the station, Pettit became one of the most prolific astronaut photographers in the history of space exploration — one time he clogged up data transfers for three days with photos from a 30-minute shoot.
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Kenji Yamaguchi: The Tinkerer Who Builds Custom Gear for National Geographic Photographers

Here’s a fascinating short video that offers a look into the workshop of Kenji Yamaguchi in the basement of National Geographic. He has worked there for 32 years after being sent by Nikon to train the original technician over 3 decades ago.

Anytime a National Geographic photographer needs some kind of custom gear, Yamaguchi sets to work and builds it on his camera part-laden workbench. His mission is simple: help the photographers accomplish their goals.
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external Interview: Billy Name’s Rare Photos of Andy Warhol’s Factory in the Silver Age —American Photo Magazine

Ten questions for the photographer whose new book captures a glimmering moment in New York’s ‘60s scene.

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external The Illusion Of Simplicity: Peter Belanger On Shooting For Apple —The Verge

I love figuring out how to photograph something rather than being shown what someone wants.

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external On and off the grid: How wildlife photographer Josh Anon finds inspiration by shifting focus —The Next Web

With Anon, the left and right sides of the brain seem naturally aligned — almost intertwined — so perhaps it’s no surprise that he derives energy and optimism from the ebb and flow of the temporal world. His genuine enthusiasm about teaching and writing is regularly balanced by sliding off the grid to the planet’s remote regions. I caught up with Josh Anon, who carved out some time from his busy startup schedule, to find out how he puts these disparate parts of his life together and keeps the wheels moving.

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An Interview with 500px Founder Evgeny Tchebotarev Through Reddit’s IAmA


Editor’s note: 500px cofounder Evgeny Tchebotarev recently made his second appearance on Reddit’s IAmA community, asking members to ask him anything (his first one was five months ago). With Tchebotarev’s permission, we’re republishing the answers here along with some of his best personal shots.
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Nicholas Nixon and the Brown Sisters: Four Siblings Photographed Every Year for Forty Years

The Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco recently shared this interview with photographer Nicholas Nixon about his well known project The Brown Sisters.

Since 1975, Nixon has been shooting a portrait of four sisters once a year, every year. This year saw the creation of the fortieth portrait in the series.
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7 Questions with Urban Landscape Photographer Marcus Lyon

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Marcus Lyon (b.1965) is a British artist. He studied Political Science at Leeds and Leadership at Harvard Business School. His began his career with Amnesty International, working on commissions concerning street children in Latin America, Africa and Asia. He has an international reputation as a conceptual landscape and portrait artist. His work is collected by many significant private and public institutions and exhibited globally by amongst others the Saatchi Gallery and the MAM Rio.
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external Photokina 2014 Interview: Toshihisa Iida, Senior Manager At Fujifilm —DPReview

Over the past three or four months I’ve been getting more and more confident about the future of mirrorless. At a recent internal conference I made the point that 100 years have now passed since the first rangefinder and sixty years since the first DSLR. So what is the next revolution? The evolution from DSLR to mirrorless is our main message at Photokina.

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7 Questions with Adam Panczuk About His Portraits of the ‘Karczeby’ in Poland


Adam Panczuk (1978) lives in Warsaw. In his work he travels to wherever he finds an interesting subject. He studied photography at the Multimedia Communication Department of Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan.

With his projects Panczuk seems to be asking questions, both directly and metaphorically, about identity, consciousness and attitude towards the lives of the people he meets along his way. Adam is a member of Sputnik Photos. Read more…