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Striking Adventure Sports Photography: An Interview with Garrett Grove


Garrett Grove is the type of photographer it’s easy to be jealous of. Looking through his work you’ll notice an effortlessness to the beauty he captures. This element of his photography is deceiving and likely to cause hours of frustration in your personal photography as you try in vain to achieve the same impressive results he nails on a regular basis.

This dual nature, of ease and awe, is what’s so appealing about his work. We recently got to talk to Garrett to try and figure out how he makes it look so easy, and why it really isn’t.
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external “Q&A: Gerd Ludwig’s Long Look at the Chernobyl Disaster” —PROOF

“Deep inside, at a dark hallway, we stopped in front of a heavy metal door. The engineer indicated I had only a brief moment to shoot. It took him a long minute to open the jammed door. The adrenaline surge was extraordinary. The room was absolutely dark, lit only by our headlamps. Wires were obstructing my view. At the far end of the room I could make out a clock. I was only able to fire off a few frames and wanted to wait for my flash to recharge. But he already pulled me out. I checked my pictures. Out of focus! I begged him to allow me in one more time. He gave me a few more seconds to frame the clock showing 1:23:58 AM — the time when on 26 April, 1986 in the building that housed Energy Block # 4, time stood forever still.”

— Gerd Ludwig on photographing inside reactor #4, where an explosion caused a catastrophic nuclear meltdown. Ludwig describes this as one of the most challenging situations he has ever photographed.

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external “Capturing Space, Color, and Light in Sao Paulo: Street Photography by Gustavo Minas” —Eric Kim Street Photography

Technical aspects and compositions can be taught in 2 lessons. Here are two tips I would give:

1. There’s a quote from Otto Stupakoff that could do: “When entering a forest, choose the darkest path! That hardest one with no signs! If you’re gifted, you’ll find a pearl instead of a dragon.” I like this quote a lot, because I think that a gift is something you can build up.

2. Another important thing is faith. It might sound a bit mystic, but if you walk around thinking that nothing will happen, that’s what you’ll get.

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Deep in the Delta: Interview with Brandon Thibodeaux


Brandon Thibodeaux (b.1981) is a photographer based in Dallas, Texas who creates portraits in the documentary tradition. In addition to his assignment work and creative commissions, he explores life in the American south. He is a member of the photography collective MJR, based in New York City. Read more…

external “Interview: Sara Lewkowicz on ‘A Portrait of Domestic Violence’” —American Photo Magazine

Grad student and Getty Reportage photographer, Sarah Lewkowicz, won first prize in the 2014 World Press Photo Awards Contemporary Issues category with her series “A Portrait of Domestic Violence.” She shared with us some background on the project.

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Krystle Wright on Telling Stories with Your Adventure Photography


Krystle Wright has documented her expeditions a little differently from some of her fellow adventure photographers. Using her breadth of knowledge of photojournalism from her Agence France-Presse and Sunday Telegraph newspaper days, Krystle’s images weave together, depicting the full experience of what it’s like to be exploring different lands, from Pakistan to Antarctica.

Here, we talk with Krystle about how she edits down her images for an essay, what kind of gear she takes with her on a journey, and how keeping close tabs on World Press Photo, POYi, NPPA winners helped shape her critical eye. Read more…

Two Shooters, One Race: Photographing Sebring

Different approaches for different generations. Spectacular results all the same.


If you want my respect, show me an amazing racing photo. Show me that you can make art with a bunch of people telling you where you can and can’t go. Show me that you broke your back under the Florida sun, lugging 30 lbs of camera equipment while you walked the course all day long. Try it when you know that there are 120 people with exactly the same credentials and access who are just dying to take your job.

Show me that you can shoot amazing racing images, and you’ll have my respect.
Because I’ve tried it, and it crushed me.
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Intimate Black & White Photos from Burma: A Conversation with Monica Denevan


Monica Denevan’s work has been exhibited internationally — including solo shows at Scott Nichols Gallery (San Francisco) and Tao Gallery (Hong Kong) — has been published in LensWork, and was on the cover of Black+White Photography (UK), among others.

She is represented by Scott Nichols Gallery (San Francisco), Duncan Miller Gallery (Santa Monica), Capital Culture Gallery (London) and Reaves Gallery (New York). Monica lives and works in San Francisco. Read more…

external “Witness: Lynsey Addario on the Syrian Border” —PROOF

Photojournalist Lynsey Addario has covered conflict and humanitarian issues around the world, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Darfur, Congo, and South Sudan. A 2009 MacArthur Fellow, she is committed to documenting the issues that most affect women. She has twice been held captive while on assignment, both in Iraq in 2004 and Libya in 2011.

Addario traveled to five countries in 2013 to document the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis. Recently, she spoke to Proof about the dangers and difficulty of getting an elusive shot—photographing Syrians as they cross the border.

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