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Amazing Photo of a Polar Bear Swimming and the Story Behind It


Frenchman Joe Bunni is not a photographer; first and foremost he’s a dentist. Once you learn that, the fact that he captured the above photo and won the Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year award in 2011 is even more incredible. The photo shows a polar bear swimming not more than a few feet away from Bunni, and if you think the photo is amazing, wait until you hear the story behind it. Read more…

Cameraman Captures What It’s Like to Be Targeted as Food by a Polar Bear

If you ever find yourself wondering what it’s like to be hunted by a hungry polar bear, just ask filmmaker Gordon Buchanan. While shooting wildlife imagery in Svalbard, Norway for a BBC series titled The Polar Bear Family and Me, Buchanan was approached by a giant 1,000lb, 8-foot-tall polar bear. Luckily for Buchanan, he was in a tiny Plexiglas enclosure. Luckily for the BBC, Buchanan was able to capture the 45-minute ordeal on film.
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Polar Bear at a German Zoo Gets Its Paws on a Canon 70-200mm Lens

German photographers Marion and Dieter were visiting the Nuremberg Zoo earlier this month when they came across an odd sight: one of the polar bears named Felix was chomping on a $2,100+ Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 IS telephoto lens. Apparently another lady was trying to change lenses while standing at the edge of the enclosure, and accidentally let the 70-200mm slip out of her grasp and into Felix’s territory.
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Behind The Scenes: Getting the Perfect Polar Bear Pic

Often, getting the perfect shot requires months of planning, the right gear, and the know-how to properly capture that perfect moment when it comes along. But just as often, there’s an element of luck involved. When Florian Schulz took the incredible picture that wound up on the cover of One World One Ocean’s To The Arctic 3D companion book, it initially seemed like nothing had turned out.

Scrolling through his pictures it looked like they were too far away in the safety of their boat for the wireless remote to work. But then he caught sight of the few photos he had managed get, and his jaw dropped. Suffice it to say they had to get the bleep button ready when that happen.

(via ISO 1200)