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This Photographer Stood Up to a Polar Bear


Photographer Maxim Deminov was taking pictures of polar bears in Cape Kozhevnikov, Russia, when one curious polar bear decided to approach him and his camera. Instead of fleeing, Deminov repeatedly stood up to the animal and shooed it away. The encounter was captured in the 3.5-minute video above.

Deminov was reportedly part of a “Bear Patrol” that monitored polar bears and prevented potential bear conflicts.

Polar bears are considered one of the most dangerous types of bears, but if you’re ever approached by one in a similar way, you may want to copy Deminov’s tactics.

“Polar bears are naturally curious, not fearless as they have been labeled,” Parks Canada writes in its polar bear safety brochure. “They are shy and prefer to avoid confrontations with humans and other polar bears.”

If a polar bear shows signs of being curious about you, the recommended response is to wave your arms over your head, talk in low tones, and move upwind so it can smell you. And if it shows signs of stalking or hunting you, expert advice is to get ready to fight with any potential weapon, make loud noises, and not run away.

(via RM Videos via Fstoppers)

Image credits: Post thumbnail photo by Alan Wilson and licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0