Check Out the Latest Rumored Specs for the Upcoming Canon 7D Mark II


It’s safe at this point to say that a Canon 7D replacement is definitely on the way, and will almost certainly make its debut at Photokina. But whereas there’s plenty of leaked info to corroborate this fact, very little more about the camera has come to light.

Still, some info is bound to come out and the spec list below is the most accurate information that has slipped through the few cracks left in Canon’s anti-rumor shield.

According to Canon Rumors, the Japanese camera giant is putting an incredibly tight lid over information about this camera, but from the info they have received, they believe this will probably be “Canon’s best specced camera ever.”

According to rumors, we can expect the 7D replacement to have the same style alloy body and top plate found in the EOS-1 series.

According to rumors, we can expect the 7D replacement to have the same style alloy body and top plate found in the EOS-1 series.

Rumored specs include a full-metal body à la the EOS-1 series, an EOS-1 style top plate, 12fps burst capability, a brand new AF system and a 24-megapixel hybrid multi-layer/dual-pixel AF sensor. Features that Canon has supposedly decided to leave out include WiFi and a touchscreen.

What specs not mentioned above would you like to see in the upcoming APS-C flagship from Canon? Let us know by leaving a comment down below.

(via The New Camera via Canon Watch)

  • Patrick Schmitz

    Leaving out wifi seems weird a newer cameras like the 70D and 6D have it built in and it is a feature desired by many for remote triggering or wireless tethering. Did they just drop it due to the metal body, which would potentially block most of the wifi signal?

    Canon hasn’t announced anything yet so this are still unconfirmed rumours. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  • Adam Cross

    yeah, it’s because of the metal body, they would have to fit a plastic top plate like the 6D and for the uber-spec kind of camera they’re trying to push I don’t think people would want to sacrifice 1-series build quality for wi-fi

  • gochugogi

    I have the Wi-Fi blessed 6D and 70D and, while sounding great on a spec list, wasn’t terribly practical in use: eats batteries like crazy and awkward as all get-out to connect to computer or internet. A pro oriented camera needs a more robust Wi-Fi unit with its own power supply.

  • Brian Drourr

    Easy enough to use an EyeFi card the all metal body probably interferes with the WiFi signal

  • GuilhermeMendes

    24-megapixel, why? 12 with GREAT low light would be better

  • taperoo2k

    I would think it would be due to the metal body and maybe all the new technology in the camera needs all the battery power it can get. But who knows until either the full specs get leaked or when Canon decides to unveil it.

  • Andrew

    It’s a good size and for all we know this new sensor will be amazing regardless of pixel density. The d810 is.

  • Cameron Prescott

    Would this mean no more built in flash? Assuming it has a solid metal top.

  • Ørjan Laxaa

    So when will Canon release some APS-C only primes? I would love a 22 mm, 32 and 53 mm lens.

  • GuilhermeMendes

    d810 is FF

  • JKDjEdi

    Like the new body and 12FPS.. but thts about it, if they improve on the dynamic range that Canon suffers from, might be worth the upgrade from the original 7d. Lets hope.

  • Jonathan Soucy

    the a7s is 12mp and great in low light :)

  • David Vaughn

    24 MP gives it great cropability for sports and photojournalism.

  • tedbaldwin

    I want an xlr adaptor with audio controls, and a regular zoom lens with motor. It would be nice to have an eyepiece for the monitor or an attachable eyepiece with monitor built in like a regular ENG camera. Zoom in focus view during shooting would be nice We know if the shot is centered on our subject. But any focusing perks would help. Change file numbering system to go up to 999,999. Add file number to back of display so we don’t have to play it to confirm number
    show actual minutes left on chip on display
    revise way HDR exposures are setup – and have that remain as default if you want (maybe you can d o this not – I do not know how).

    Add switchable blinking red light to front.

    Increase file time from 12 minute max to unlimited sequential files for uninterrupted shooting.

    wifi interests me only inasmuch as controlling the camera remotely.

  • the truth hurts

    I was wondering the same exact thing

  • Jason

    Canon definitely needs better dynamic range. It’s kinda sad compared to Nikon and Sony.

  • Julio

    The D810 is also 36mp, smart one.

  • James

    Ehh, they woudn’t really have to put a plastic top plate in to the 7d to give it wifi, that would just be the easy way. If they really wanted to, and they wanted to keep it all metal at the same time, they could work an aluminum band in to the weather sealing, and tune parts of it to both act as the antenna for the WIFI and GPS. Apple did it.

  • James

    EF-M 22mm It’s pretty much perfect.

  • James

    Every post i’ve made to instagram has been a quick edit off the wifi feature on my 6D and It is a real crowd pleaser.

  • Eric Frame

    Which means 24MP on a crop has a higher pixel density than a 36MP on a D810, dummy.

  • Markthetog

    Built-in WiFi has the disadvantage of being non-upgradeable and if it does break needing a time wasting trip to the shop. Granted, Canon’s add on WiFi is pricey and maybe poorly implemented but seems a better way to go.

  • Markthetog

    Have an Eye-fi…underwhelmed. So far ALL WiFi implementations are buggy, slow and fall short of the hype.

  • Markthetog

    Likely if the top is the same as the 1 series. It is also Canon philosophy that the top camera never has the “amateur” flash no matter how much you love it.

  • Markthetog

    I want pie.

  • Disqus is an NSA shill

    Call me trite, but I find the touch screen on my 650D fantastically useful, almost an ergonomical revolution. So much so I feel seriously gimped when trying to wrestle with the other body i ocasionally use 5D III. It really speeds things up immensely in certain practical scenarios. Not to mention that touch focusing in combo with dual sensor would be awesome beyond belief for us weirdos who use their DSLRS mostly for video…
    Imo it would be a huge missed opportunity for Canon not to include touchscreen on the new 7… Especially considering how well it was received by both reviewers and customers. I know I won’t even consider buying it if that is the case. For me and for the ways I use my camera, not having a touch screen would be an enormous downgrade in comparison to my plastic-fantastic 650D – and nothing I’ve seen so far comes even close to compensating for it.

    Also, 4K video?

  • olafs_osh

    7D ain’t in that kind of niche, that really need a video option, especially 4K.

  • Ørjan Laxaa

    I’ve heard it’s great, but there needs to be an EF-S version of it.

  • SDP

    I agree, I get around just fine with 10 megapixels this will easily do 20×30″ inch nice and sharp. plus for sports you want to keep your file sizes down due to the large number of photos you take, saves the cards and computer space.

    Would be interesting to see if this will have problems i.e. faults like the 7D had mine used to go off so often.

  • Frank Nazario

    ahhhhh you see this is a cool request…. Disqus is an DSA shill the 4K video request rocks….

  • Frank Nazario

    totally agree… that is why i shoot Nikon LOL!

  • Politiwars

    I would trade every bell and whistle for some fantastic TRUE dynamic range – something that Canon has been lacking in for years.

  • Brian Drourr

    in the immortal words of the Rolling Stones. “You cant always get what you want, but if you try some times you get what you need.”. The WiFi on my 6D as well as use of an eyefi card have been far fro clunky and or buggy but to each his own you were not going to be happy no matter what they made. I for one would be more then happy with a wifi free DSLR that was an all metal chase so that I dont have to worry about it breaking if I sneeze wrong.

  • James

    It’s worth buying an EOS m in it’s own right. haha, but yeah, I wish they’d make a EF-S

  • Sandman

    I use a Camranger with my 5D MIII and it works very well. Though not cheap it is much cheaper than the Canon Wi Fi adapter.

  • Sir Stewart Wallace

    If you’re having problems with cards or computer space, you must be using gear from twelve years ago. We’ve got 32-256gb cards and multi Terabytes worth of disk space to cope with these issues. Very few people are going to care about disk space.

  • Sam

    Well at that point it’s no longer a DSLR…if they wanted to do most of those things, they’d put in in their C-series.

    Also, the reason for the 12 minute max is because of camcorder taxes. Companies have to pay some extra tax or fee for production of camcorders. So the longest they can do is 12 minutes without the camera being called out as a camera. Has something to do with file size as well. Think DSLRs can write a max 4GB file, while camcorders can be as big as the card? Just FYI.

    Also note, Canon specifically said they don’t plan on implementing video features into their DSLRs unless the industry demands it. And the industry being a large portion of their buyers, not just 5-10% of 5D III users.

  • Scott M.

    12fps…that would sell some cameras.

  • Thanos

    It’s ridiculous to manufacture any digital camera without both Wifi and GPS nowadays. They just need an antenna if they think the metal body will block it.

  • Cameron Prescott

    Just wondering, I have a 7DI (it’s gonna be weird saying that) and the pop up flash is pretty handy sometimes when I don’t want or need the best quality image but I want something better than my phone.

  • Adam Cross

    I haven’t had battery problems with the wi-fi using my 6D and I have it switched on all day, I’ve only had to change a battery once during a 14 hour day, for a regular 8-12 hour day with wi-fi on all the time I haven’t had a problem

  • Adam Cross

    well yeah… the easiest way and the cheapest way. which is what most companies would go for when wi-fi is basically just an extra, not the biggest selling point. the 7DII will sell itself into oblivion whether it has wi-fi or not. its a 7D.

  • James

    HDD’s cost like 35bucks a terabyte…

  • Jeffrey Fortuna

    No touch screen is good news for people that use waterhousings, the current trend of getting rid of physical buttons and adding things to touch menus means workarounds are needed while using the camera underwater. I’m excited for this camera!

  • GuilhermeMendes

    not trying to be smart or smth, kust saying it would make more sense for me. Coming from canon specially. As said, the a7s is a low light beast. Would be greta to see Canon givingsome love to low light photoigraphy, being 12 ou 24 megapixel

  • GuilhermeMendes

    imagine what Magic Lantern will make with this huge buffer

  • Simon Ward

    Hoping for A full frame sensor on the NEW model, 24mp and 12fps sounds brillliant and if the camera comes with a EOS-1 body style lets hope its just as durable

  • GuilhermeMendes

    turns out it’s a sane 20 Mp!

  • SDP

    Yep thats not to bad.