Fly Into an Ocean of Exploding Fireworks in this Captivating Drone Video

Seeing as it’s the day after July 4th, it seemed appropriate to share a different perspective on a fireworks show than most people are likely to see popping up in their News Feeds. Shot by videographer Jos Stinglingh in West Palm Beach, Florida using a DJI Phantom 2 and GoPro Hero 3 Silver edition, this captivating video puts you closer to the action than you might ever otherwise wish to get.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this done. This slow-motion video we shared in April took advantage of the same risky stunt. But where that video was a proof of concept, this one takes the idea to new heights — heights that convinced GoPro to create a shorter edit or their own:

For those worried about safety, notice that this show was being done over the water, and so the only person taking a risk was Stingligh, who might have lost his drone in the water if a firework got too close (a few seem like they almost did).

Check out either of the videos above to experience the inside of a fireworks show for yourself, and if you still haven’t gotten enough explosive footage by the end of the video, check out the aforementioned slow-mo video for more.

(via Reddit)

  • Eden Wong

    Very happy to see that this footage was shot from over water.

    Too much of this recent fireworks footage would get ugly really fast if one of the fireworks clipped the Phantom hard enough for the operator to lose control and the drone fell through the dark sky into an upturned face of an unsuspecting spectator on the ground…

  • JJ Abrams

    It’s the Muther F’ing Catalina Wine Mixer

  • Marcinema

    OK, di he get permits, have insurance, personal, and liability. and if so, how long, before shooting? I’m not being a jerk, just want to know how he “legally” made it happen. Great footage!!!

  • karel moonen

    The soundtrack blows!

  • JSintheStates

    Irresponsible comes to mind!

  • SwedishKiwi

    Oh noes! A single drone, weighing 45 ounces, could be DEVASTATING!

    Luckily, I only have about 30-40 747’s going over my house every day…

  • evelynfmorrison

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  • Eden Wong


  • Vin Weathermon

    I like it way better than the Go pro edit. I see hands flapping limply in that version…better to hear Andrea Bocelli sing proper opera.

  • Vin Weathermon

    Because his mind is absent.

  • D.G. Brown

    The adult in me says, “That seems like at best a quick way to lose your copter and at worse a way to get in a lot of trouble and/or hurt someone”

    The kid in me says, “WOW!!! That was amazing!” And then proceeds to watch it 10 more times ;-)

  • Eden Wong

    It’s dumb asses like you who will get all recreational drones restricted over public spaces eventually. Congrats.

  • SwedishKiwi

    Yes, I did say I own a drone, that I fly it at events like this and that I approve of the actions of this individual, didn’t I..?

    Or maybe I just said that people should chill out a bit.

  • Ken Elliott

    And so it began that day – a new American holiday where model aircraft equipped with cameras are fired upon with poorly directed rockets.

  • Eden Wong

    Sorry, English is not my first language, it’s not good enough to understand what you are saying now… I can’t read backpedalling very well.

    Carry on.