Canon 7D Replacement Possibly Spotted at the World Cup


The desire for more info and leaks about Canon’s upcoming EOS 7D Mark II (possibly not called that) is strong, and the image above is a good case in point. Spotted by a Northlight Images reader, the camera circled in red is always seen at the same spot on the pitch and is always covered up, despite the fact that every other camera is uncovered.

Now people have pointed out that this could simply be a paranoid photographer who just always happens to have a rain cover on his DSLR, but the Canon camera under that tarp may just as easily be the next Canon APS-C flagship, so keep an eye out the next time you’re watching a World Cup game and shoot us a higher res pic if you get one!

On that note, if the photographer behind that camera reads PetaPixel and sees this post, drop us a line through our tip form or by emailing us at [email protected] We’d love for you to confirm or deny this rumor for us if at all possible.

(via Northlight Images via Canon Rumors)

  • DiDaDo

    possibly possibly, rumorrumorrumor …. i only see a black circle with some reflexions on it and a guy who covered a camera. Maybe its E.T. with a black mask?

  • Oskarkar

    it’s me

  • Lyndsay Radnedge

    A quick scan of shots from the GER v ALG game shows other cameras covered – game time temp was 14 degC (57 degF) under cloudy skies. Easier to cover up from the kickoff than to wrestle with it during the game. Therefore unlikely.

  • Vin Weathermon

    I hate people who use logic and reason do debunk rumors. (kidding)

  • Michael Palmer

    Slow news day?

  • Mike

    I wish these posts were kept at rumor sites.

    Also, it’s possibly not a 7D replacement or a Canon camera at all. It’s possibly a Sony curved sensor monster, with a three layer, 30MP, 32 bit sensor and 100FPS stills mode.

  • Matias Gonua

    This is what happens when people who don’t care about football watches a game.

  • Gvido Mūrnieks

    If you look closely, you can see clearly, that it is the legendary Canikon 1D3s.

  • Heni

    It’s the SoCaNikon Alpha1D4s

  • darylcheshire

    once I was intrigued by this guy’s enormous Nikon lens at the photographer enclosure at the airshow that I took a photo of it with my 400mm lens and blew up the photo to examine the manufactorer’s plate

  • dariosaquetti

    Why do they keep developing cropped sensor cameras? I don’t really get it….What’s the point?Is there any advantage of having a cropped sensor camera?

  • Burnin Biomass

    Zoinks! G-g-g-ghost camera!

  • Henry Wang

    Extra reach from the cropped sensor, more choices of lenses, lower cost, entry level, smaller form factor.

  • dariosaquetti

    Hey Henry, wouldn’t be the other way around? Full frame sensors have more choices of lens and extra reach? Also if you think the 6d is pretty much the same price…I just can see any advantage of having a cropped sensor in terms of quality or characteristic of picture….Nor the extra cost to the manufacturers of producing everything full sensor. But maybe it’s me missing something that I don;t know.

  • Polisonico

    If you look closely at the pixels you can easily read EOS 7D Mark II, but you have to squint really hard!

  • Henry Wang

    Crop bodies (for Canon, I’m not 100% sure on other brands) can use a wider selection of lens, because the mount can accept both EF-S and EF mount lenses, while FF bodies can only accept EF lenses.

    The extra reach comes from the 1.6 or 1.5 or whatever crop factor associated with the crop sensor size, for example a 50mm on a Canon APS-C (1.6x) sensor would give you more of a 80mm field of view.

  • arimhan

    What’s the advantage of FF, why not going directly to medium format ? the argument for FF vs medium format are the same than FF vs APS-C

  • dariosaquetti

    FF you can take the advantage of capturing the whole lens area pretty much and if you wish you can crop it later. Cropped is cropped… and you lose 40% of the captured image.

  • Fullstop

    It’s actually a RED Epic taking motion still captures. It’s going to revolutionize the way that sports are photographed.

  • basti

    but, if you crop later in PP you will lose some pixels. on the other hand: if you use EF lenses (designed for FF) on an aps-c, you will only use the “sweet spot” of the lens. meaning: you don’t have the unsharp corners, vignetting etc.

    your point: “you lose 40% of the captured image” is, in my opinion, wrong. if your are photographing with aps-c, you KNOW that you have a crop factor of 1.6. therefor you would choose a 50mm lens, if you need 80 or a 35mm lens if you need 50. or you could just use a zoom.
    if you are a wildlife or sports photographer, i think there are some advantages for aps-c. 1. you are able to be “closer” at the object. so you could use a 100mm prime to get 160mm.
    2. reason: you will get a greater depth of field.

  • Dave MacIntyre

    Wow. So it’s more likely that a photographer working in conditions where rain is sudden, unexpected and torrential is hiding a Canon prototype than proactively protecting his gear from getting drenched? Weak.

  • Dustin

    yeah riiiiiiight.

  • Oj0

    Good point. Did anyone try shouting “enhance” at their computers, or have I been watching too much CSI?

  • Guest


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  • Pahleffi

    Hope it’s true that’s the 7D replacement, see how much it can beat the D-on-the-front-of-number-guy. Just kidding

  • Zos Xavius

    Except that canikon’s selection of cropped sensor lenses are rather weak. You have to look at pentax for a decent lens selection on APS-C.

  • lexplex

    Oh good grief.

  • Brian the chef


  • Markus Gebauer

    just ask the German Soccer player in Front of it. Nr 7 Sebastian Schweinsteiger was close enough to see it :p

  • acupofjoe


  • ucandisqusthis2

    Does this mean all new 7D replacements will only come with a rain coat?