Tutorial: How to Quickly Fix Skin Redness Using the HSL Sliders in Photoshop

One problem almost all portrait photographers are going to run into at one point or another is skin redness. We’re human, there’s blood flowing through our faces, it’s inevitable and even natural.

At times, however, it shows up just a bit too much around the nose, eyes, and cheeks. That’s when you hop on Photoshop and pull up the tutorial above.


In the video, Phlearn’s Aaron Nace takes us through the process of correcting for any overly red skin. A quick and effective tweak of the HSL sliders in Photoshop is all it takes, and with Nace’s guidance, it’s a system you’ll have nailed down in no time.

(via Reddit)

  • slyman

    this is how i fix purple and green fringing

  • Graham Marley

    I’m surprised he didn’t use the eye dropper tools in the HSL panel. Use the main tool to select the brightest shade of red you want to eliminate, and the minus tool on normal colored skin, and the selection gets a lot closer to a good starting point.

  • Zachary Larsen

    Whew! Good thing they didn’t forget about that clarity slider! That’s how we know it’s supposed to be a moving portrait.

  • Pickle

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  • Dover


  • matias

    maybe you could show us some of your artworks ? “stop bein so negative” ;-)

  • Pickle

    I just think you are beautiful just the way you are Matias, skin condition and all.

  • See

    Any chance this is possible in LR5 or is there a similar workaround in LR?