Purdue Football Team is Crowdsourcing Its Helmet Design Using Photos of Fans

In an effort to increase ticket sales and get fans more involved, Purdue University has announced that they will be designing a new helmet for the football team that involves crowd-sourcing photos of fans to insert into the logo.

The one-off helmet design will be used in the team’s “Social Media Game” against Iowa on September 27th, with the iconic “P” on the Boilermakers’ helmets made up entirely of fan photos. Not just any fan can get in on the action, though.

According to the tweet that announced this new design, you must purchase a “VIP card” before June 10th in order to participate. However, those who will inevitably dole out the dough for a VIP card will have a selfie of their choice on display in front of the masses… albeit only an eighth of an inch in size.

(via Bleacher Report)

  • Kynikos

    Actually, the first 10 or so VIP card buyers could probably start for Purdue this year…

  • Ryan

    Boiler up!

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  • 32323232

    lol… make the images 2×2 pixel.. yo you can fit more images on that helm.

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