60-Second BTS Video Speeds Through the Retouching of a Corona Advertisement

Jack Salzke from over on FadedFocus Photography worked with Leigh Diprose of Warehouse 100 to create this speed-retouching BTS of the process that went into creating an impressive Corona Extra advertisement.

From straight out of the camera to final product, the one 60 second video shows Salzke working in Photoshop while Diprose shares his thoughts and input into how the final product should be. There seem to be about two dozen separate elements that make their way into this single advertisement, showing off just how much detail work goes into creating something like this.

(via Fstop Lounge)

  • Matt

    No to photoshoped Beer!

  • VĂ­ctor Ruiz

    Good Advertisement for a bad beer :P

  • Uncle Wig

    It’s impossible to retouch Corona enough to make good beer out of it. Worst, most over hyped beer ever. (And I really like Mexican beer.)

  • jkantor267

    I’ve see great still product photos, but this isn’t one of them. A lot of work for a mediocre outcome.

  • timothyholt01

    Way to fast to actually see whats going on. Also the color temp of the beer seems off.

  • Adam Cross

    colours of products are often way off compared to the actual product, they tailor the colour specifically for advertising, it’s the equivelent of burgers looking amazing in food ads but flat and lifeless when you actually buy one

  • timothyholt01

    That’s how they lure people in. In this case it appears to be the opposite problem, flat and lifeless advertising.