Tutorial Shows How to Mask Out Hair from a Background in Photoshop

When it comes to masking out and/or selecting hair in an image, be it to remove a background or selectively style it, it’s never an easy task. Even with the most tamed of manes, it can be a pain, but thanks to this “Advance Hair Selection Tutorial” by the Photoshop Training Channel, your life is going to get a lot easier.

Breaking down each step in the 17 minute video, the tutorial goes through the various channels to single out various components to make sure that even hair as frizzy and wild as this manages to get masked out perfectly for compositing into a new image.

Press play, sit back, and be prepared for what is one of the best hair selection tutorials we’ve ever seen.

  • Rob Elliott

    I thought this was the other way around… This is taking messy hair off a clean contrasting background.

  • Guest

    Yeah. I mean, did anyone watch the video before it was posted and titled? Haha. I mean, learning a new masking technique is always awesome, however it’s *not* how to *remove* messy hair from a *messy* background.

    It’s how to remove messy hair from a *clean* background and THEN *add* it to a messy background.

    Not exactly what the title implies, haha.

  • Emily Rose McGonigle

    Yeah, I mean did anyone bother to watch the video before posting and titling it? Haha. Learning a new masking technique is always awesome, but this isn’t how to mask *messy* hair from a *messy* background.

    It’s how to mask messy hair from a *clean* background and then *add* it to a messy background… Haha.

  • Michael Zhang

    Yikes. Sorry about the incorrect title. That was a mixup on our end (Gannon didn’t write this title).

  • Rob Elliott

    pft.. for shame…. for… shame…… I’ve been crying all day. ;)

  • Pixelschubser

    …well the other way round – THAT would be some kind of interesting…

    at least the headline does not include the word amazing, awesome, mindblowing or epic…

  • Cao

    the other way around would’ve been awesome, been struggling with that since forever

  • kamrul Islam

    Very Effective tutorial about removing background from hair related images with Photoshop Mask

  • Fabien Drouin

    Cool! Can you show us how to changing the hair color on a normal picture, not with a clean background.

  • Anthonie Zapata

    Great Tutorial, however as others mentioned this is masking from a clean background. Good work though