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How to Conquer the Most Difficult Hair Selections in Photoshop



Accurately selecting a subject’s hair is not an easy task; a bit of frizz is enough to make a photographer pull their own hair out. But have no fear, there’s an advanced Photoshop tutorial for that.

The advanced tutorial was put together by Nathaniel Dodson at Tutvid, and he’s calling it the hair selection tutorial to end all hair selection tutorials. We don’t know about all that, but the Calculations, Lasso, and Levels techniques he shows you will help you conquer even the most challenging hair selections you may run across in Photoshop.

In addition to being advanced, the tutorial is also not short; you’re looking at investing nearly 35 minutes watching Dodson walk you through three selections of increasing difficulty. But if you invest the time, we can all but guarantee you’ll learn something new and up your Photoshop selection game significantly.

Check out the tutorial for yourself below: