This Dead YouTube Channel Has Seven Helpful Product Photo Tutorials


Want to learn about product photography editing techniques? A small trove of helpful video tutorials has been found in an obscure YouTube channel that had previously gotten no attention.

Reddit user Falafalfeelings stumbled upon the YouTube channel Christina Kramer’s Crazy Photoshop Video Tutorials while researching how to do a certain product photo technique.

“Found the best product stock photo tutorials I’ve seen on a random dead YouTube channel with 7 subscribers and under 1500 total views,” they write on /r/photography. “My photo person is on vacation and I have to get some silhouette white catalog images done asap for a distributor.”

“I’m not that great at Photoshop so I went through a pile of sh**ty tutorials. Finally found one that’s actually good.”

Here are the 7 videos by Christina Kramer that were all published on the channel 2 years ago (nothing else has been posted since):

Accessory from Almost White to Silhouette White Background

“This photograph was shot on white foam core. It appears gray so to here’s a tutorial using only Adobe Photoshop to get it onto a silhouette white background.”

Creating a Drop Shadow and a Contact Shadow

“This Accessory is now on a white background. In this tutorial you will learn how to create a Drop Shadow and a Contact shadow using Adobe Photoshop. (Simple)”

White to Silhouette White Holding Original Shadows

“This image was photographed on a White Background. In this tutorial you will use a simple Curves adjustment layer to edit the background to white and brush on the curves layer mask to bring back the original shadow that was present at the time of the photograph.”

Highpass Sharpening

“This very quick tutorial will demonstrate how to combine all layers to create one layer at the top of the layer stack and apply Filter-other-Highpass to sharpen your final image for printing.”

Complex Glow Retouching

“Three Photographs: Product, Product+Glow, Glow Alone. Learn how to composite these images using Lightroom and Photoshop.”

Complex Glow Retouching Part II

“Once Compositing is complete the image will normally load back into Lightroom once it is saved. However included are steps to take if the file was not automatically uploaded to LR. Final spot retouching can be done in Lightroom.”

Simple Glow Overhead Set

“Compositing a Glow using only two images. One photograph of the product and another photograph with a glow effect added.”