Leica Proudly Releases ‘The Most Boring Ad Ever Made’ for the New Leica T

What’s the most boring advertisement you’ve ever seen? Well, whatever it is, Leica is here to challenge it. In a move that is part humor part marketing brilliance, Leica has put together a 45-minute long advertisement that shows off every. single. second that each of their just-announced Leica T cameras spend being polished down, ever-so-meticulously, by hand.

If you appreciate craftsmanship and have three-quarters of an hour to burn, then it might be worth the entire watch. If you don’t, you might just want to watch the first two minutes, then skip to about 20 minutes, watch for another minute, and then skip the 43-minute mark (you’re welcome).

Regardless of how many full views this advertisement gets, we commend Leica for taking a humorous approach to their impressive craftsmanship, which they clearly take very seriously.

  • Proud Hasselblad Lunar Owner

    With a $389 Sony NEX3n sensor and @ $1 per each of the 1,800 polishing strokes this should be a real winner… Gotta love that intensity and determination in the dude’s face… must. rub. it. one. more. time.

  • Vlad Dusil

    One can tell that this “cool” approach is not natural to Leica. They are trying too hard and it’s difficult as a consumer to embrace the pitch.

  • Guest

    I’m wondering more if it is supposed to be ironic.

  • worker88

    Although it needs more sanding, this is the Honda version.

  • George Johnson

    Hmmm….not enough sanding going on, needs about another 90 mins adding!

  • yopyop

    … while being observed by at least one guy and one camera during the whole process !

  • KJ Doyle

    All I can think of is who is to say that the actual production polishing is done robotically, and this film is just an attempt to sell people on spending more for a camera that is hand polished because that makes it better. It has never been more clear that Leica thinks they are selling jewelry, which by definition is never a good value. Show me better lenses, technology, features. This video makes me feel you are padding the price with things that do not matter in photos.

  • matt jones

    if I didn’t think it would be superceded in under 2 years then I would almost think this worthwhile.

  • MattSuibhne

    Exactly. I understand that Leica is considered “high end” or “luxury” market, but an underwhelming Samsung lookalike with an 1800 dollar body and 1500 dollar kit lens is silly. I guess when money is no object you are fine paying a premium for that little red dot. I’m sure IQ will be great, but nothing I can’t get out of numerous other more affordable offerings.

    Also, I assume your Screen name is sarcasm?

  • aintnobody got time for that

    how far did you watch that you seen the dude’s face? I watched about as much of that crap as I can handle, skipped ahead a few times and still only seen rubbing. smh

  • dan110024

    They’d be annoyed if he sneezed or something at the 30 minute mark.

  • Ralph Hightower

    Is there a Cliff Notes version?

  • Dennis L

    It’s like porn: a piece of metal grinding on the sand paper. lol

  • woofa

    If you saw his face you must have imagined it.

  • woofa

    Not even close.

  • Proud Hasselblad Lunar Owner

    I watched all 30 seconds of it, using the scroll. Couldn’t believe it was, in fact, of the actual polishing job. I’d much rather spend 45 minutes watching other kinds of polishing jobs and things getting rubbed here and there.

  • Alex Tardif

    Fail. The some of the mechanics were not wearing white gloves. Leica wouldn’t allow that.

  • george

    Sort of wet (and dry) dream for a Leica fetishist.

  • Collin Asmus

    Warhol would totally dig this.

  • Tobias W.

    It’s not a consumer device. It’s a luxury item, not meant to be consumed. ;)

  • Vin Weathermon

    Or it could all be a ploy to improve the value perception of the product. Spend an unnecessary hour sanding and polishing something that wouldn’t take that long if it weren’t for the “45-minute-killing video”. Just saying. I think I’d like to a spoof of some guy making a pizza….how could I drag that out? What anal retentive activities could I dream up?

  • Vin Weathermon

    Probably should have read your post before I posted…I feel the same way. “how can we upsell something that really does not matter?”

  • Vin Weathermon

    And THEN they slap a coat of something over the aluminum (even on the “aluminum” model it looks like it has paint or anodizing or something…it looks like it has pores these bodies do not when you see them on their site.) It is only a $1900 camera, with a few new lenses. Guess it beats $7k for the M.

  • Pete

    Well the joke has always been most Leica users spend more time polishing their cameras than actually using them ….
    Now they really can fill their boots !
    I cannot think of a bigger waste of money

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