Samsung’s New NX Mini is a Super-Thin & Light ILC with a 1-Inch Sensor


Samsung is reaching out to the smartphone generation today with the release of its thinnest and lightest interchangeable lens compact yet. Actually, to be more accurate, they’re reaching out to the smartphone generation with the thinnest and lightest ILC EVER: the NX Mini.

The mini, officially announced late last night, is a curious combination of portability, style and capability. Sleek looks, minimal buttons, super-thin design and a flip-up screen are joined by the kinds of specs you typically find in high-end compacts like Sony’s much-loved RX 100 II.


Spec-wise, the NX Mini packs a 1-inch 20.5MP BSI CMOS sensor, a 3-inch 460.8K-dot touchscreen LCD, 6fps continuous shooting at full res, an electronic shutter that maxes out at 1/16000, built-in WiFi and NFC, a battery that will keep you shooting for 600 frames and its own proprietary NX-M lens mount.

Since we’re talking about a unique lens mount, Samsung is also unveiling three new lenses alongside the Mini: a 9mm f/3.5 lens (25mm equivalent), a 9-27mm f/3.5-5.6 with built-in stabilization (24-70mm equivalent) and a faster 17mm f/1.8 (45mm equivalent). You will also be able to use regular NX lenses with help from a new $150 adaptor.

Here’s a closer look at the white version of the new camera (it’s also available in pink, mint green, brown and black):










As the thinnest and lightest ILC in the world, the NX Mini is sure to turn some heads. Add in the selfie-centric touchscreen and ‘sleek’ styling and you’ve got a camera that might just appeal to a younger crowd.

We just wonder if the added hassle of carrying around glass won’t have people leaning towards something like the Sony RX100II or, if they are comfortable taking lenses with them, if the Panasonic GM1 and its MFT sensor won’t sound more appealing.

Only time will tell, but Samsung was smart enough to price this camera below both of those options, a big fat check mark in the pros column. Available starting in April in two kits, you can buy the NX Mini for $450 with the 9mm lens or $550 with the 9-27mm zoom. You can also pick up the 9mm and 9-27mm lenses individually for $180 and $280, respectively. Price and availability for the 17mm lens are TBA.

  • JamesP

    Samsung, put this in a smartphone. I would definitely buy a smartphone with an ILC with a one-inch sensor. Like really fast. Do it.

  • Clayton Finley

    This is why I have not bought into mirrorless yet. Every week it seems like there is a new camera, with a new set of proprietary lens’s, yeah there’s micro 4/3’rds, but those are still pretty expensive for the performance, and size isn’t much smaller than a DSLR.

    I still crave for a nice pocket cam, but ever time I go to the store to look at them, I end up just buying new glass for my Canon.

  • Zigby

    Sensor: 1″-type, not 1-inch, diagonal is just 16mm.

  • Sky

    ILC? What for? Just make a proper compact. Could be a competitor for RX100.

  • Sky

    Well, I bought 2 compacts: RX100 for it’s tiny size & gadgets, and X100 for walk-around camera when I don’t want to take a DSLR. Yea, it’s not really much smaller than an APS-C body, but it fits pocket in my jacket better than a DSLR does. No point having an ILC really – why would I want to buy something that’s a mix of issues from a compact with an issues from DSLR is little bit beyond my understanding.

  • Sky

    Sensor is not a TV. You don’t call it by it’s diagonal size.

  • MJ Coffey

    The camera looks very minimalistic. Also, a fixed 9mm sounds fantastic. That’s what I’d call a true ‘point and shoot’ camera. I’m seriously considering getting one of these once the price gets a little bit lower.

  • Matt


  • James

    Take a look at the EOS M, you can buy it and the 22mm STM for less than the price of a decent lens, and with a $50 dollar adaptor it’ll work with all of your exisiting glass.

  • James

    The kicker for me is, they’d have to sell it with one of those body cap lenses, that way, I could have a portable package to carry my Cell phone around, and then, the option to attach some serious glass, if I got somewhere and the situation demanded it.

  • Clayton Finley

    yeah, I missed out when you could get them for right at $300 ( currently $375 for the 22mm kit on amazon ) I can get the 18-55 kit cheaper, but I really want the 22mm lens. Next time it goes on sale or If I can find one local I’ll buy it ( camera store returned them all as they never sold )

  • David Kirk

    Now, were there an adaptor for Nikon F mount, this would peak my interest. Though not white Samsung, please not bloomin white. . . Just wrong on so many ways. . . Though it would be nice for external flash control over wifi or NFC. . .

  • Toby Hawkins

    pique – arouse (interest of curiosity)
    peak – the top of a mountain

    Sorry, carry on :).

  • David Kirk

    F*** you, autocorrect, thanks for catching that Toby. As an aside, try typing in photographic terms such as ISO, autocorrect messes that up too. . .

  • SSMAJplastic

    This looks cute.

  • Cartman’s mom

    Well, so does Mr. Hankey…

  • Lucy with diamonds

    So, what part of it IS one inch?

  • Chester A. Arthur

    The width of it, horizontally.

  • Chester A. Arthur

    What’s really interesting about this is that the body is so thin and, even with the protruding lens, it looks like this (with the pancake mounted) is no more deep than the Sony RX100, at their respective deepest points. The Samsung would be lighter and, of course, have the option of switching lenses (and bulking up considerably).

    Pretty interesting. Probably not enough to switch many RX100 owners over but enough so that it’d nab people who are considering buying the RX100. Scoff all you want but the articulation of the LCD to facilitate self-portraits is a nice feature, especially with a 25mm wide end.

  • Sterling

    No. The dimensions of this sensor are 13.2mm x 8.8mm. One inch = 25.4mm. I believe “1 inch-type” is just a nominal designation.

  • B William Crochet

    Where is my glassless gravity field lens camera? Sensors keep advancing, eventually medium and full frame sensors will be overkill for the glass available.

  • Anonymoused

    Cute, but where’s the viewfinder? :s

  • James

    Dang, I mean I wont say mine’s not worth that, but I bet you can find it cheaper…. Alt sellers have it for 364, that’s not too bad, but if you do wind up buying the 18-55, or just the body, i can’t recommend the 22mm strongly enough, Tack sharp, and the thing actually fits in your jacket pocket comfortably with it on.

  • Clayton Finley

    yeah, but at the higher prices,(which i think they are out of production, so finding them cheap won’t happen any more ) brings me back to my original point, might as well just buy a new lens at that price, or an SL1 for a smaller body. I don’t get the mirrorless thing, more expensive than traditional dslr’s, in a slightly smaller body with slightly worse IQ. They either need to get better and develop a foundation to build on, or get cheaper.

  • James

    I’m a big fan of the phrase: “The best camera is the one you have with you.” and the EOS M, much like the other mirror-less offers out on the market today, just makes more sense to pack around with you.

    Yes, MFT kinda sucks with it’s smaller sensor size, but you have to compare apples to apples, APS-C, and full frame. And when you do, the EOS M (APS-C) stands toe to toe IQ wise with the 60D (APS-C).

    I love my DSLR, and trust me, it comes out for any serious photo shooting, but realistically the lack of a mirror, and loss of a few buttons, for a smaller profile, and lighter body makes sense in more everyday situations.

  • Clayton Finley

    Yeah, my main reason for wanting a pocket cam is for music venues. Most places won’t let you in with a big camera, and an M with the 22mm on it would be perfect for that type of stuff. Innocent looking, but packs a punch. I actually just found one on my local CL with both len’s, a little high though.