Cokin Unveils Pure Harmonie, the World’s Skinniest Lens Filters


French optical filter company Cokin has launched a new line of lens filters under the brand name Pure Harmonie. The new filters are unique in that they’re the thinnest and lightest in the world — the UV filter in the set measures only 3.3mm (~0.13in) thick!

There are currently three filters in the Pure Harmonie stable: the Multi-Coated Anti-UV (UV MC), the Circular Polarizer (C PL), and the Variable Density Neutral Gray (ND X).


As we mentioned above, the smallest and lightest of the three is the UV filter. Cokin calls it “the contact lens of your lens.” Apparently it’s almost invisible when it’s mounted to the front of your lens.

It’s designed to cut down on haze and protect your lens from dust and scratches while barely adding any extra weight or dimension to your kit. The filter is made of “extremely resistant glass,” and Cokin says the thinness of the filter allows it to cut down on lens flare.


At 4.5mm, the Circular Polarizer filter is a bit thicker than the UV. However, it’s still the thinnest and lightest polarizing filter in the world.

Cokin says that despite its small form factor, the filter offers light transmission that’s the best in its category when compared to rival filters.


The Variable Density Neutral Gray filter is the chubbiest of the three new filters with a thickness of 9.5mm. It goes from ND2 (1 f-stop less light reaches your sensor) to ND400 (8+ f-stops) through rotating the front ring of the filter. Like the other two filters, it’s the thinnest of its type in the photography world.

You can purchase Pure Harmonie filters for various lens sizes over on Amazon. The cheapest ones cost around $50, while the fancier filters will set you back hundreds.