Fuji UK Will Now Let You Customize Your X-Series Cameras with Different ‘Skins’


Fuji’s retro-styled X-Series camera’s aren’t known for their customizability. In fact, it took a whole separate announcement for Fuji to release a black version of the X100s.

But now, users in the UK can go way beyond that with select models thanks to a Fujifilm X Signature program that will let you wrap your beautiful shooter in any number of different colored leatherettes.

By simply logging in to the Signature site and either picking the model you currently own or purchasing an already customized model straight from the microsite, you can have your own X-Pro 1 or X-E1 covered in, say, Blue Lizard leather… or Brown Snakeskin.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 10.50.59 AM

If this seems a bit silly, give it a minute, because we haven’t even told you the price yet. Covering your X100 in ‘Black Lizard’ leather (faux leather if we had to guess) will run you £130, or approximately $217 US.

Admittedly, the white skin in particular makes just about every one of the models look pretty snazzy (until you get it dirty…) but at those prices, we’re thinking most X-Series owners would rather put the money towards some more lenses.

To browse through the selection for yourself — or, if you live in the UK, maybe buy one of these skins and send off your camera to be customized — head over to the Fujifilm X Signature website by clicking here.

(via Photo Rumors)

  • Mike

    Don’t Hasselblad it, Fuji.

  • bob

    If Hasselsad are making money from it, why can’t Fuji?

  • Panchoskywalker

    Those kind of customization made sense before everything turns digital, when cameras were built to last. Today most cameras gets obsolete in about 4-5 years. The relation between the photographer and his cameras has changed. It may look nice but it make no sense to me.

  • jack

    Fuji has had a lot of great ideas lately but this is not one of them… looks tacky..maybe some gangster got his shoes stolen.?

  • Donald

    On Pentax Forum was press release including that their mini camera K# in 100 mix-and-match colours was the highest seller, in Japanese market, by quite a wide margin, and the numbers were impressive.

    So, this is what sells, whether we think it’s tacky or not, it sells.

  • MJ Coffey

    Why, Fuji.. oh why?

  • bob cooley

    On the downside: It does look kind of tacky, it makes the fujis look like Lomos

    On the Upside: It’s optional, so I don’t have to have my camera look like that, and If it provides Fuji with more sales and capitol to continue to create brilliant cameras, then more power to them. Fuji has been innovating, listening to customers, and raising the bar. (Almost) anything that helps them continue is okay in my book.

  • PTBridgeport

    what! no rhinestones

  • J. Dennis Thomas

    What makes the camera obsolete in 4-5 years? The image quality will be exactly the same. The only thing that makes it obsolete is the camera company’s claims that you need the latest and greatest.

    My M9-P is is five year old technology and my M8 is *gasp* EIGHT years old. I’m carrying my M8 right now. I use both of those cameras more than I use my brand new Nikon DSLRs.

    If your camera still does what it’s supposed to do it’s not obsolete no matter how old it is.

  • J. Dennis Thomas

    Just out of curiosity, why are most people so adamant that cameras have to look boring?

    Nobody complains that cars come in multitudes of colors. Nobody complains that you can buy socks in any color of the rainbow. Why are cameras any different?

    I got this Contax 193 camera sometime in the late 80’s. This idea is far from a new concept.

  • Panchoskywalker

    I agree with you, what I meant is that for whatever reason people upgrade their camera every 4-5 years. Why do you pretend not to understand?

  • lamazn

    Yeah skin skin skins!!! and for the crappp watercolor artifacts that fuji produce?? shame on you fuji

  • J. Dennis Thomas

    You said, and I quote, “Today most cameras gets obsolete in about 4-5 years.”

    I’m not “pretending not to understand”. I simply responded to a unequivocal statement that you made.

    If you’re not going to say exactly what you mean, then why say anything at all?

  • Panchoskywalker

    My mistake, I though my Pentium III was obsolete. I will put it back on my desktop and customize it with some lizard leatherette.

  • clipper

    Do it yourself for a tenth of the price from Aki Ashai’s in Japan (well recommended and a pleasure to deal with) camera coverings – all sorts of models
    (What a difference a nice covering makes to the old Russian jobs … a right struggle getting the original off though !)

  • J. Dennis Thomas

    Never heard of a Pentium III camera. Is it Russian?

    Oh wait! You’re talking about a COMPUTER CPU. My fault, I thought this discussion what about CAMERAS.

    I know it’s difficult but try to stay on track dude.

  • Brad Trent

    Gee…I guess I’ve been doing it all wrong by slapping gaffer tape all over mine to make it look so sh¡tty nobody would wanna steal it…silly me!

  • flightofbooks

    Just wait for your camera to be out of warranty if you do it.

  • flightofbooks

    That may have once been true, but since 2011 we really have reached a technological plateau. The specs for a camera released this year aren’t leaps and bounds better than one from two years ago. I just bought a lightly used X-e1 for third of the MSRP of an X-e2. Based on the spec sheet and all the reviews I’ve read, the only advantages to the X-e2 would have been those that are attendant to all new cameras: zero millage and a manufacture’s warranty. In terms of capabilities, it was in no way worth the extra money.

    The relationship between a photographer and their camera has indeed changed. And changed again.

  • flightofbooks

    Moore’s Law does not govern camera development.