Sigma Gives Us Yet Another Beautiful Look Inside Its Lens Factory in Aizu, Japan

At Photokina 2012, Sigma released a beautiful video that offered an artsy behind the scenes look inside the company’s lens factory in Aizu, Japan. Since then, Sigma’s popularity has only increased, and so they’ve created a sequel to further draw you in to the wonderful world of Sigma.

Recently, Sigma has been stealing hearts left and right. By pouring copious amounts of quality, craftsmanship and value into its lenses, the company has established itself as an innovative and forward thinking camera and lens maker — something prized by the photo community in this day and age of incremental improvements.

There’s no better time, then, to take your fans behind the scenes and show them where their lenses are being created and assembled with painstaking precision. This video (and the original, which you can view here) will give you a new appreciation for the third party lens maker.


From the video’s description:

Our products are somehow imbued with the essence of our homeland, blessed as it is with clean air and water, and focused, hard-working people. To pursue optimal quality, the vast majority of Sigma’s manufacturing right down to molds and parts — is carried out under an integrated self-manufacturing production system, within the company.

We sincerely invite you to enjoy this exclusive movie embodies the craftsmanship that thrives in Aizu factory.

To see this craftsmanship for yourself, check out the video at the top; and, if you haven’t already, click here to see the original as well.

(via X3 magazine)

  • sean lancaster

    Do they really wear Sigma hats with Sigma written in English while working the Japanese factory?

  • Carlini Fotograf

    Their 35mm 1.4 and the rest of their new Art line is only proof this company is on its way to possibly becoming the next Zeiss…

  • Sigma sign

    Do you comprehend Sigma is the brand and logo and is the same anywhere in the world?

  • Louis

    So even the line marking focus is hand-painted?? Dammnnn.

  • sean lancaster

    Of course. Everyone should know that.

  • SiriusPhotog

    I noticed that too.

  • tttulio

    Your “Zeiss” are made by Cosina in Japan using designs licencesed by Zeiss Gmbh. Sigma designs their own lenses and have been making some revolutionary progress. Pity their cameras line lack the same direction.
    An interchangeable foveon sensor video capable camera would be an amazing bit of kit.

  • senate

    pure manufacturing… right here!

  • Carlini Fotograf

    Your right they are made in Japan now. But the current line is still designed by Zeiss Gmbh. So yes…Like Sigma.. Zeiss designs their own lenses and always have. At one time they were all made in Germany. Actually all of the Zeiss lenses I use were made at the Jena Factory in Jena Germany. Like this one… :)

  • cgw

    A bit much, despite the postcard landscapes and carefully-lit workspaces that make their workers look like Japanese “National Treasures.” Suspect the Sigma production line doesn’t move at the artisanal pace in the video.

  • Drew

    From Quality Assurance, Injection moulding, Jigs and fixtures, stamping process, CNC machining, Conventional milling. Respect to the ones who manufacture it.