Fujifilm Teases Upcoming X-series Camera, Official Announcement January 28th


Fujifilm lovers rejoice! It looks like you have a brand new X-Series interchangeable lens shooter coming your way at the end of this month.

The teaser — which you can see above and on Fuji’s website — first appeared in a Japanese newspaper the morning of Fujifilm’s 80th birthday on January 20th (Happy Birthday!), and shows a new retro-styled shooter that adds an ISO dial to the standard exposure comp and shutter speed dials already found on the X-Pro 1.

Here’s a closer look:


Feel free to speculate your hearts away in the comments. Obviously we can’t see the camera’s model name in the photo, but if you’ve been following rumor sites you’ll know that this is likely the much-speculated-about X-T1.

Fuji Rumors reports that the new shooter will boast a bigger and better ‘incredible’ EVF, 16-megapixel X-Trans sensor II, 8fps continuous shooting with AF tracking, a weather sealed body and a price tag of about $1,800 when it arrives in stores mid-February.

Check out a full list of rumored specs over on Fuji Rumors and, as always, let us know what you think in the comments down below!

(via Fuji Rumors)

  • Salar

    Oh Fuji, I beg you, make it FF!

  • FF

    *fingers crossed* ;)

  • lama

    Like xe1 is a leica for the poor this is a Sony A7r for the poor

  • Uncle Frank

    It would be pretty hilarious if Fuji made a full-frame camera, considering that there are no full-frame X lenses.

  • Uncle Frank

    No doubt the Fuji will be better in all ways than the Sony A7. They have lots of good lenses and the X-Trans sensor beats the snot out of the Sony sensor.

    This is more like the poor man’s Df. A Df clone with a crappy EVF.

  • Steve Nuth

    As a professional photographer that has used full frame cameras, the x-pro more than matches FF cameras. Unless you really need more compressed backgrounds but the 50mm 1.2 will solve that one

  • Spike

    I’m happy to see an X series body with a viewfinder that might actually work with my dominant left eye. I liked everything about the X-Pro1 except the left corner viewfinder.

  • Zos Xavius

    a 16mp x-trans sensor is going to beat the A7R’s 36mp sensor? really? these comments are hilarious!

  • DaBrain

    One word to describe this camera. Winner. FF is not a must, it will be more than enough with Fuji’s xtrans APSC and best in class lenses. Possible rumored tilt screen will be icing on the cake.

  • jonnyD

    Weather sealed makes me most excited!

  • aher

    Yea … watercolor effect sensor with no usable raw files

  • Uncle Frank

    Have you seen photos from the A7r at ISO 400 and above? Abysmal. Nobody needs a 36 mega-pickle point and shoot.

    Except for number whores.

  • Big Pete

    That fact that you go out of your way to proclaim you’re a “professional photographer” tells me that you have a day job.

  • JoeNoName

    well, maybe they could launch a set of FF lenses with it? (…) ?

  • jp2gmd

    Speak for yourself. I understand fanboyism, but come on. I doubt you have seen any photos taken with A7r. And no, I do not own this camera.
    Wait, what am I doing? Feeding a troll? 10 points for you, I’m outta here.

  • Jack Mehoff

    Fuji has repeatedly said that they will NOT be making a full-frame X camera. So quit your whining and go buy a crappy Sony camera if you NEED full-frame so badly that you just can’t live without it.

    You Fuji full-frame beggars are getting to be almost as annoying as the Nikon D400 crybabies.

  • Uncle Frank

    More than seen photos taken with the A7r I’ve actually TAKEN photos with the A7r.

    And fanboyism??? I guess you skipped over the part where I called it a crappy DF clone.

    I hate Fuji cameras. Other than the sensor they suck giant donkey balls. Can’t AF worth a crap. The buttons are all in wacky spots, you have to press a button to change the focus point for EVERY shot. I could go on and on about how awful the Fuji cameras are. Fanboy? I don’t think so knucklehead. Try again.

  • DaBrain

    This winner will trump the Nikon DF and Olympus EM1. EM1 will get crushed on sensor size and lenses. DF gets crushed in the overall size department since it’s just a giant DSLR with a different skin.

    And Fuji will trump the A7, because Fuji > Sony in general.

  • Chester A. Arthur

    I don’t have an opinion on Fuji X vs. Sony A7 necessarily, but it’s not true that you need to select focus point on the Fujis for every shot. Focus point selection is persistent until you reset it *and* resetting it is quick and easy as there’s a shortcut to go back to center point.

  • Chester A. Arthur

    Weather sealing is cool and probably necessary for a lot of shooters, but keep in mind that you need the lens to be weather sealed as well and I think the only one that is/will be sealed is the new zoom. Think all the extant primes are not sealed…

  • Fernando Callo

    I think they will keep the micro 4/3

  • Bruiser McGee

    The Df isn’t pretending to be anything but a DSLR. Two completely different cameras. The Df also has optical VF, AF that actually WORKS, hundreds of lenses to choose from at all price points.

    Size isn’t everything, I’m sure you’ve heard that from your girlfriend.

  • Andrew_Gronow

    I’ve got a 50yr old TLR that will piss all over this.

  • Uncle Frank

    What I mean is that if you are shooting any type of moving subject or even doing a fashion shoot where you need to change compositions and therefore focus point quickly then you have to press that stupid button to pull up the focus point selection screen every 2 seconds.

    If you’re shooting a snail that’s all well and good, but in real life it sucks. The AF all around sucks. That’s why I sold my crappy Fujis and I’ll never switch back.

  • Rover

    If your camera is pissing all over things you might want to take it to a specialist. I think that what you’ll find is that it isn’t a camera at all, but it’s a puppy dog. You’ve probably been looking at his butthole for the viewfinder and cranking on his balls to focus. That may be the explanation as to why your camera is “pissing” all over the place.

  • Andrew_Gronow

    Rover = Puppy dog. Oh I see what you did there.

  • DaBrain

    Haha. Hurt NIkon fanboy resorts to personal insults. Very telling. The DF failed at the exact same thing the Fuji is succeeding at.

  • lololalallll

    More photos posted on the Fuji Rumors site.
    Dual SD slots
    Front and rear dials on grip
    an I/O socket for a vertical grip??? Neat!

  • lololalallll

    Fuji CEO says FX is not needed.

  • lololalallll

    The extra photos on the Fuji Rumors site shows a nice eye cup and diopter too.

  • Nikonist(Not)

    “The Df also has optical VF, AF that actually WORKS, hundreds of lenses to choose from at all price points.”

    Sure, just like D610 but for more money with less feature(video). Man, Nikon has duped you.

  • Chester A. Arthur

    That makes more sense…you’re complaining about slow AF compared to DSLRs and not, so much, the method for switching AF points (that one has to hit a button to initiate a change…e.g. that there’s one extra button push).

    Fair enough. AF is slow and tracking AF “bad” compared to DSLRs. It’s not a replacement for a DSLR for those who prioritize AF, most especially for action shots. As with all things, there are trade-offs to make.

    When I need reliably fast AF in a multitude of conditions — especially in low light and when subjects are moving — then I use my DSLR. When I don’t, I prefer my Fuji.

    Horses for courses.

  • Uncle Frank

    That one extra button push equals up to a lot of extra button pushes. I can MF my M9-P faster and more accurately than the Fuji can AF. And it’s not just the AF that sucks, the MF sucks too. That ridiculous “split-image” feature? The nearly invisible focus peaking?

    DSLRs are superior in many ways. Just try explaining that to a Fuji sycophant. They will argue up and down that a Fuji can do anything better than a DSLR, but in reality DSLRs are a better all around choice. Even the budget Nikon 5300 runs circles around any Fuji X cameras.

  • J. Dennis Thomas

    Did you ever stop to think that maybe to some people video is a useless feature? Therefore if it’s not there it doesn’t matter. I never used the video on my D90, D300s, D800, or D600. When I bought a Df I didn’t really care if it had video or not.

    Also the Df isn’t “just like the D610″. The Df slays it at high ISOs. That’s another thing you overlooked.

    Yeah, I’ll admit that the Df is overpriced, but Nikon didn’t “dupe” me into buying it. I bought it for the great IQ and I like the way it looks. And I can afford it.

  • Steve Nuth

    erm yeah you’re so right Big Pete – why not google me eh? ;-)

  • Kaybee

    What a beauty!

  • Donkey walloper

    What a prize FF sized dick you are.

  • Chester A. Arthur

    The best choice for a person is the choice that makes most sense for that person. For some people, it’s something like a Fuji X, for others, it’s a DSLR. For me, it’s both. I’ve learned to avoid getting angry with my equipment by learning to use my equipment within their constraints, and selecting the equipment that best suits a particular situation.

    If you own a Leica M9 and a DSLR, it would seem that you have formed a balance of this sort for yourself, and maybe your personal equation has no room/need for a Fuji X, but I think it’s going a bit far to say that the Fujis “suck donkey balls,” are “awful,” and are “crap.”

    Of course, your mileage has apparently varied.

  • Marcspix

    I have one of these already but it has Olympus on the front….

  • Paulo

    WOW IT takes pictures too! Awesome!

  • Ayatollyahso

    The word for today is “SCREENS”…People(clients) are showing their photography to each other on their laptops,tablets and phones.

    Wheres’ this “FF advantage”you speak of? I shoot a 1ds..but I’m jumping to mirrorless. In 2006 yes; FF for giant smooth prints! In 2014not so much.

  • Uncle Frank

    Unfortunately, I really wanted to to like the Fuji. I bought the X100, it sucked and I sold it. Bought the X-Pro1 it sucked and I sold it. Firmware update for the X-Pro came out, stupidly bought it again because fanboys raved about it. You guessed it, it sucked and I sold it. I gave Fuji more than a fair chance. And in every instance it was pitiful.

    I like the idea of the Fuji being a melding of my DSLR and M9-P. Sometimes I wish the Leica had AF. I was seriously thinking I could get rid of my DSLR’s. Not a chance. Because the Fuji AG sucks donkey balls.

    Funny thing is I know that CDAF doesn’t have to be dog-slow. I was playing around with a Hassy Stellar (Sony RX1) and the CDAF on that camera is freaking FAST. The focus tracking is fast AND accurate. Unfortunately it’s a point and shoot and I’m not into shooting like that, but if Fuji can make the AF as fast as the Stellar/RX1 then it will be a better all-around camera, not just a camera for every Johnny-Come-Lately “street photographer’ that just popped up out of nowhere.

    Maybe this Df clone will do the trick, but until the EVF get as good as my eyeball it still won’t replace the DSLR for me.

  • Big Pete

    Because I don’t really give a crap. Let your boyfriend google you.

  • Big Pete

    Alright, curiosity got the best of me. Unfortunately for you, your work is mediocre at best. Nothing that I haven’t seen done as good or better on Flickr. Also, simply having a website doesn’t make you a pro.

  • Aiham Dib