Fujifilm Teases Two Cameras and Lenses for X Summit Next Week

Close-up image of a black fujifilm camera dial on the right and fujifilm x | gfx logo on a black background on the left.

Fujifilm, continuing its torrid pace of new product announcements, appears poised to announce new cameras and lenses next week in Sydney, Australia.

Fujifilm’s X Summit Sydney 2024 will occur next Thursday, May 16, at 3 PM AEST. For those in the United States, that is 1 AM EDT on Thursday and 10 PM PDT on Wednesday.

Promotional image for x summit sydney 2024, featuring sydney harbour bridge at sunset with vibrant colors in the sky. event details and date are prominently displayed.
Background photo by Andrew Hall

Although details are scarce, Fujifilm’s Australian account shared a teaser video on Instagram, which is seen below.

During one frame, it appears that there are two lenses positioned upright on the left side of the teaser video while two camera bodies lurk in the shadows to the right.

A darkly lit image of an analog camera with film rolls, highlighting the camera's focus ring and shutter release button in a moody ambiance.
It looks like there are two lenses on the left and two cameras on the right. The two lenses are most likely ones Fujifilm has previously announced. The cameras, though, are very mysterious.

As for the lenses, the one in the back looks large. There’s only one lens slated for 2024 on the Fujifilm GFX lens roadmap, and that is the GF 500mm telephoto prime lens. There is a good chance that is the big boy in the teaser video. Fujifilm has yet to share any details on the lens, including its aperture, size, or price, so much is left to learn.

What is known is that a GF 500mm will offer an equivalent focal length of 395mm thanks to the GFX format’s 0.79 times crop factor. It will be the longest lens yet for the GFX and the longest for any mirrorless medium-format camera. Pentax’s ill-fated 645 system also has a 500mm lens, but that isn’t a mirrorless camera system.

A close-up, black and white image of a camera lens focusing ring, highlighting its textured grip and aperture scale marker.
This is definitely a zoom lens, given it has two rings — one for focus and another for focal length.

Assuming the other lens is an X Series lens, which is a pretty safe bet, it is likely the new XF 16-50mm f/2.8-4.8 “kit lens” Fujifilm teased in Tokyo earlier this year when it announced the X100 VI.

A dark, abstract image of metallic objects with a sharp focus on their gleaming, reflective surfaces against an almost black background.
A camera of some kind.
Silhouette of a camera lens in a dark setting, with minimal lighting highlighting the lens's grooves and texture.
Another view of a camera in the shadows.

Moving to the cameras, the one in the back is viewed primarily from the front, with the shutter release on a rather steep angle. It has the general vibe of a GFX series camera, but that is a shot in the dark, pun intended.

The camera in the front has a vintage-inspired design language and some physical dials. Speaking of dials, the teaser video also includes a close-up view of a very interesting dial — a Film Simulation dial.

Close-up of a camera's mode dial showing various settings such as auto, p, tv, av, and m, highlighted by moody lighting against a dark background.
A Film Simulation dial? A first for Fujifilm.
Close-up of a camera mode dial showing various settings such as auto, manual, and video, set against a black background.
A slightly different view of the new dial.

A first for a Fujifilm camera, astute viewers can spot dedicated dial positions for standard (Provia), Velvia, Astia, Classic Chrome, and a handful of other Film Simulations. The dial also includes a custom “C” position and three customized “FS” positions, which will presumably be assignable to Film Simulations without their own spaces on the dial. There are more than 20 Film Simulations, after all, and not 20 spots on the dial.

This is a teaser in every sense of the word. There are little nuggets, but there is far more mystery than information. Fujifilm fans won’t have to wait long to learn more, though, as the X Summit is less than a week away.

Image credits: Fujifilm