Anonymous Woman Makes it on the Cover of the NY Post Thanks to an Ill-Timed Selfie


So emergency workers are all over the Brooklyn Bridge, trying to talk down a suicidal man poised to jump. Media people are everywhere, doing their usual sensitive storytelling. A big chunk of the city is holding its breath, waiting to see how the life-and-death drama plays out.

Perfect time for a selfie, right?

At least that’s what it looked like an anonymous woman was doing the other day when a New York Post reporter witnessed her lining up a selfie just right to get the potential jumper in the background.

Reporter Paul Martinka quickly snapped a photo of her snapping the photo, and the image was spread across the Post front page Wednesday alongside the headline: SELFIE-ISH: My Photo With Brooklyn Bridge Suicide Dude.”

The woman declined to identify herself to Martinka and quickly left the scene — though how long she’ll manage to stay anonymous is another question entirely. Her selfie didn’t show up in a quick search of relevant Instagram hashtags, but maybe she feels famous enough already now that she’s competing with shots from Auschwitz and funerals for the title of “Worst Selfie Ever.”

The man on the bridge, by the way, was talked down safely.

(via New York Post via Pop Photo)

  • Steve Grob

    You don’t think it stands to reason that reporters would and should shoot what they see as noteworthy? Even then, we don’t know the suicide was the reporter’s assignment, or even if he was there on assignment.

  • PBKingman

    What was going on was so far away that the girl probably did not even see it. And now the cruel amongst us want to destroy her.

  • Eboo

    she’s got camera claw.

  • Wodan74

    Maybe you can also debate the necessity for a journalist covering this attempted suicide. Isn’t that a voyeuristic view on other people’s misfortune too? He even gets paid for it…

  • Johnny M

    It’s already been pointed out, but in the interests of abundant clarity, if you look at the angle of the camera relative to the body of woman relative to the jumper, you’ll see that there’s no way that the selfie image could have included the jumper in the final frame. The woman’s body would have blocked the jumper from the image.

    If the woman wanted to include the jumper, she would have either moved the camera to one side or, more likely, placed it over her head so she could capture the unfolding scene.

    The premise of this photo is just one big lie.

  • Oh

    But what makes you all think she was understanding there was a suicide issue going on on the bridge???
    Just tourist taking a snap with the bridge!!!

  • no?

    Just tourist taking a snap with the bridge!!!

  • sorry

    she is obviously simply unaware there is ANYTHING suspicious going on on the bridge

  • photographer

    Is not the lens of the camera pointed away from the bridge? She appears to be taking a picture, not checking a screen in bright light.

  • PLUS

    Isn’t she taking a picture of something in the other direction. a friend or someone on left of the frame, and, of course, out of the frame, possibly behind the photographer taking a picture of her!

  • photographer

    The lens is pointed away from the bridge, away from her! The way she is holding the camera doesn’t even suggest she took a selfie and was checking the results, unless she is actually over 40!

  • Don

    Yes, this must be the first person ever in the history of photography who didn’t realize what was going on in the background….
    In all probability she wanted the tourist shot with the bridge in the background and if she did notice the people, she probably thought that they were maintenance workers or something else benign. Look at the blown up part of the image behind her…. can you tell if it is a souicide attempt or if it is a bunch of city workers discussing something?

  • passing by

    nah, not really… some would say it’s in bad taste but unethical? no, i really don’t think so. you know there are degrees to things…

  • RB

    …And the photographer himself was on the scene to assist in the rescue operation? This photo has zero news value, and puts both a muted girl and a suicidal man on display: the new york post claims moral superiority while exploiting a personal tragedy. Ultimate media-hypocrisy.

  • Julio Marquez

    Yeah, but JFK is not about to have his brains blown out in that precise moment…

  • Stan B.

    And this guy didn’t die (at all) at that precise moment… so your point is?

  • Frodo

    That’s a great photo.

  • Jesse Scroggins

    I’m appalled at this. It’s a shame that people are using the term “Selfie.”

  • Roxie

    Or running naked to make profits selling CD’s…

  • meow

    Did you look at the angle? To me the angle looks like it doesn’t capture the suicide. Everybody living in the US might have known about it but not a tourist in my opinion. I think the person who tried to capture the suicide more was the reporter who was taking a photo of the “tourist”

  • suicide

    “The woman declined to identify herself to Martinka and quickly left the scene though how long she’ll manage to stay anonymous is another question entirely.” It means that the reported asked the woman to identify herself and tell the reporter her name but she refused and it doesn’t say anything about the reporter telling her who she is and what she works as.

  • Johnny Paycheck

    Why would you have any respect for someone who wants to kill themselves? It’s the cowards way out…

  • Matias Gonua

    That Paul Martinka seems to have lower morals than the woman.

  • Julio Marquez

    Sure, so the fact that he didn’t die makes it all right. You are just great.

  • Miguel Lopes

    She’s blonde… She was probably totally unaware that the fuss wan’t all about her :D

  • Stan B.

    I don’t know where I said that, but I was pointing out that by your own logic you should be a whole lot more incensed at all the tourists who smile as their photo is taken where someone was, in fact, brutally, violently murdered…

    I’ll pass on judgement of your moral code.

  • Julio Marquez

    Just like I never said it was OK to take a photo at Dealy Plaza. You are entitled to pass on whatever you like.

  • vernsviews

    Could she even see the people in her front facing camera? For all she knew they were filming the next Spider-Man film. It’s easy to assume that everyone is cynical selfish etc. She may have just wanted to a photo of herself and the bridge.

    What’s more telling is that people don’t ask others to take the photo for them. I get selfies if you’re alone or there isn’t an “extra” person to take the shot

  • harumph

    Like I said, the NY Post is a contemptible rag and anyone who works for them is probably a p.o.s.

    What’s to debate, really? I don’t know why so many people here keep pretending that I’m defending the Post. My point is that the photographer probably didn’t get the jumper story he wanted, so he went for a shot that he knew would stir up some sh*t. Pointing out that the selfie woman is a heartless narcissist doesn’t automatically mean that I’m saying that the Post photographer is a good person.

  • ed.cetera

    Lets face it, the only reason why this is even a story at all is because the guy didn’t jump.
    The ‘journalists’ were only there to report on the suicide and presumably get themselves some sensationalist action shots.
    When that didn’t happen, they decided on plan B – out the girl.
    Gutter journalism at its finest

  • david

    I’m sadly desperated by our evolution and awarness, No Harm done? she’s harming the whole humanity by such behavior, How can you do that when a man’s life is at stake? It’s so wrong and so absurd!!!!!! I hope nobody is going to harm her in anyway but i hope she will realize what is wrong with her and become a better human beeing

  • Nick Schulz

    she looks similar to snapchick…

  • Wodan74

    Oh, I wasn’t disagreeing with you, I don’t know the NYP. I just jumped in on the conversation about “a photojournalist covering a news story”, rather, “just doing his job?” and whether he needed to be there in the first place. Off topic, I guess :-)

  • ev-stop

    who said she was having a laugh? and who said it was for her friends amusement on Facebook, I think you’re reading into things a little too much there Steve! Who’s really causing harm here, the woman taking a photograph, or the idiot about to jump of the freakin bridge!

  • John Cochtohssen

    First thing….NewYork Post. Second. IF it is real she’s not taking a pic of that. Third. New York Post, so no way it’s real.

  • vernsviews

    And you’re 100% sure she knew what was going on?

  • ya right

    misfortune is when someone slips on the ice.. climbing a bridge to kill yourself isn’t. so what, she wants a selfie with some drama behind her, big deal. the new york post is trash.

  • mcpinnix

    If this were a selfie, why is the camera included? If this is a mirrored selfie why isn’t the camera facing the mirror? This looks like a set up shot taken by a second camera and a mock up (photshop) of the suicide. C’mon, people!

  • Dejan Smaic

    Seems like the common theme on PetaPixal is “It’s a Fake!”…I’ll go out on a limb and bet it’s real.

  • Jene

    One word, JUDGEMENTAL!!!! If the camera crews can take photos why can’t she? Who are we to judge if she is selfish or not? Maybe she just wants to capture the moment?

  • blackhawkr

    If just like to point out that if the photographer’a professional camera photo had to be digitally enhanced to point out the jumper, there’s no way an iPhone camera would even be able to see the guy from that distance.

  • Melissa J Kennedy

    Really? wow no hope for the human race… she should be thrown of the bridge… so sick of heartless douchbags……..

  • Ouatu

    What’s the problem? Was not her job to save the man. I really appreciate her. She is an artist.

  • Billy

    Keep defending your sociopathic girlfriend. So we should be worried for her due to your made up scenario, yet her sociopathic behavior regarding the scenario unfolding behind her is ok? I hope your girlfriend reads these comments and learns what a piece of garbage she is.

  • Ashley

    Do they really know for sure if she was taking a selfie to include him? She might just have been taking a picture of herself, and she didn’t realize what was going on. Now her face is going to be everywhere and people will probably be rude to her. It’s not like she posted in Facebook or something with those words: “My Photo With Brooklyn Bridge Suicide Dude.” The photographer was just making assumptions. He is as bad as he thinks she is, considering he took a photo as well.

  • vernsviews


  • shabbypenguin

    Misfortune when someone dies is tragic for all involved, suicide is tragic for those who were left. so yea, his family would be still pretty shook up about it all i imagine.

  • TheOven

    So little harm as to be unmeasurable? Is that better?

  • disqus_57NTzzNc3Q

    Maybe she had no clue about the suicide attempt on the bridge and she was just taking a photo of herself with the bridge in the background? And no, I haven’t the slightest idea who she is (and I don’t care) !
    If she did know about the suicide, then yeah, this is pretty awful, but why does everyone automatically assume that she did know? Doesn’t that make all of the people who would make the negative assumption about her just as bad as the girl who would take a “selfie” with a potential suicide occurring in the background?