TMZ Launches Hollywood ‘Selfie Tour’ To Help Tourists Improve Their Photos

TMZ Selfie Hollywood tour

TMZ has launched a new “Selfie Tour” of Hollywood to help celebrity-spotting tourists improve their photography.

According to The Los Angeles Times, celebrity news outlet TMZ launched its latest venture last month — in the form of a new daily selfie tour of Hollywood, California.

For $59, the company shows tourists around the city’s most iconic buildings and backdrops while giving tips about how to improve their selfie game.

“A few months ago, I was out and about in Hollywood and West Hollywood,” TMZ Senior VP, Business Development & Growth Stuart Alpert tells The Los Angeles Times.

“And I’d see all these young people taking selfies at all these iconic locations — like the [Paul Smith boutique] pink wall — I thought it was fascinating.

“So I thought that this was something that could be so much fun — making the next extension of our tour product a curated tour of a lot of the iconic spots in Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills [and down] Melrose where our guests can get their own selfies with context and narrative from the tour guides.”

The tour reportedly attracts people in the 30 to 35-year-old age range — compared to the mid-50s age range of customers for TMZ’s original tour offerings.

“It gives guests a chance to be a star in their own right in front of these locations that so many other influencers and celebrities have taken photos in front of,” Alpert tells The Los Angeles Times.

“And along the way we’re also giving some tips here and there; how to get your best shot, where to stand.”

In the piece, The Los Angeles Times reporter Adam Tschorn says the TMZ Hollywood Selfie tour was led by tour guide Eunice Elliott who explained that her selfie expertise came from her stint as a morning news anchor at a Birmingham, Alabama television station.

Tschorn describes how the TMZ tour guide tells the group to think of her as their “personal paparazzi” and they are then shown a pre-recorded video on “How to grab the best selfie in five easy steps.”

The tour — which is around three hours long — then encourages tourists to shoot the biggest landmarks in Hollywood and helps them “build a picture portfolio that’ll make your Instagram besties drip with envy.”

This is the latest tourist attraction based around the popular cultural phenomenon of selfies. In 2018, “The Museum of Selfies” opened in the city.

Image credits: Header photo licensed via Depositphotos.