Horror-Themed Engagement Photo Shoot Presented as a Comic Strip


Here’s an interesting idea for engagement photographers looking to try something different. This Hungarian couple not only decided to do a horror-themed engagement shoot (something we’ve seen before), they took it one step further by turning the whole thing into a short horror-themed engagement comic.

The company behind the photos is Hungary-based engagement and wedding photography group ElevenPhoto. And when Alexandra and Chris came to them with the idea of doing a horror-themed engagement shoot, they thought they could do one better.

They took the resulting photos and turned them into an comic strip complete with bubbles for talking, thoughts and sound effects. Here’s what turned out:








You may or may not be impressed by their particular comic, but the idea is interesting. It’s certainly not something we run across often, and there are probably more than a few folks who wouldn’t be opposed to breaking out their own personal engagement comic every time someone asked to see photos.

To see more from ElevenPhoto, visit their website by clicking here. And if you liked the idea of horror-themed engagement photos, check out this zombie-themed shoot we featured back in 2011.

Image credits: Photographs by ElevenPhoto and used with permission.

  • Ken

    What a great idea!

  • Ken

    …and nicely executed!

  • Jeremy Madore

    It’s a good idea and the execution (pun intended) is pretty decent. Would like to see something a little more edgy for processing though, given the content. Also, good choice on font selection and nice work on the overlay graphics/text.

  • ZZPhoto

    It doesn’t strike you as odd that Hungarians, people in country where English is far from native language, would choose to do their engagement shoot titles in English? I mean, who will be primary readers of it, family and friends or PP/FS readers? If it is not meant for former then it stops looking like an engagement shoot and it starts to look as PR stunt designed to become “viral” by being disguised as engagement shoot.

  • Stupid Comment

    Who knew Ed Snowden is a comic fan?!

  • Laszlo Bodnar

    they’re living in England, so they have a lot english speaking friends whose don’t understand hungarian words. We made english and hungarian version for all.

  • Roberto


  • Mark

    Your response just sounds like sour grapes. I’d consider it a pretty great PR stunt even if that’s really what it was (which is clearly isn’t). You’re just mad because you didn’t think of it first.

  • Mark Dub

    Great idea (as I did this myself last year.. just not as extensive) but this doesn’t have the best execution. Not a whole lot of emotion going on. But def love the idea :)

  • Mike Swanson

    For anyone who’d like to do this, I’d humbly suggest looking at Halftone 2 for iPad and iPhone:

  • denjoga

    That woman and that car are way too hot for that guy.
    Lucky bastard.

  • ZZPhoto

    They are living in England yet did engagement photo shoot in Hungary and posted it on Hungarian site for their English friends? Yeah, that makes it sound more believable that it wasn’t PR stint.

  • ZZPhoto

    I’m mad cause I didn’t think of it first? ROFLMAO I don’t shoot engagements/weddings :) And if I did I wouldn’t be going for gimmicks. Only reason why I posted is because I am tired of seeing yet another gimmick whose sole existence purpose is to drive traffic to someone’s site by getting 5 minutes of fame. I guess this is sign “wedding party gets chased by ” bandwagon already passed, thank God.

  • ZZPhoto

    Did anybody notice there is no engagement ring on her hand? :)

  • Eric

    Looks like something straight out of Texas Handsaw Massacre.

  • Santos

    Now I’m going to turn my street photography into comics and put words into strangers’ mouths!

  • another stupid

    And i thought Snowden had enough excitement without wanting to add spice (read graphics) to “his” engagement shots :DD