New Nokia Spot Bashes iPhone 5 Camera

It works for politics, so why not consumer electronics? Nokia has decided to go negative with it’s latest ad campaign, denigrating the quality of the iPhone 5 camera while lauding the photo features in the Nokia Lumia 925.

ScreenHunter_100 Aug. 05 15.20

Designed to parody Apple’s recent “Photos Every Day” TV ad, the new Nokia spot begins by acknowledging Apple’s market lead before sneering at the photographic results. “At Nokia, we prefer to build for quality, not just quantity,” the ad proclaims before showing side-by-side comparisons of  the 925 versus iPhone 5 in categories such as action shots, low-light shooting and flash performance. The Lumia — Surprise! — comes out looking much better in every case.

“Every day, better photos are taken with Nokia Lumia than with any other mobile,” the ad concludes.


ScreenHunter_101 Aug. 05 15.24

ScreenHunter_103 Aug. 05 15.25

ScreenHunter_102 Aug. 05 15.24

Photography has become one Nokia’s key selling points as it tries to differentiate itself in a crowded smartphone market. The Lumia 925 packs an 8.7-megapixel sensor, dual-LED flash, Carl Zeiss lens and a number of new software tricks. The more-camera-than-phone Lumia 1020 will have a 41-megapixel, back-illuminated sensor; lens-based image stabilization and f2.2 lens.

(via 9to5Mac)

  • Ziz

    I doubt Nokia is in a position to “bash” anyone.

  • Jake

    Why not? I think it is in good position to “bash”. Better phones, best cameras at phone. When people realize it they will drop Iphones and Samsungs

  • Von Trapp

    Right… because people buy iPhones and Samsungs mainly because of the cameras. #sarcasm

  • Andrew Iverson

    No comments on this? I’m surprised.


  • Igor Ken

    if only there were good apps for the win phone …

  • TSY87

    if nokia adopted android OS i would definitely consider one of their phones… as is… i cant switch to windows mobile.

  • Maay

    This is all very nice, but how does it actually compare ? in real life ? any unbiased reviews out there ?
    (41 mega pixels ?? really ?)

  • Will

    There’s tons of good apps.

    What do you want, which isn’t yet available?

    If it’s instagram. There’s official 3rd party apps (endorsed by instagram), which work on win phone.

  • bi

    In some photos i think the iphone is better , like the photo of the skater

  • RJ

    Nokia can do that also. But the point here is that iPhone can’t do what Nokia did with “Motion blur” :).

  • That Guy


  • Ivan

    The main idea behind the 41MP PureView technology is using more data to construct higher quality images at resolutions smaller than native sensor’s resolution, not getting full native 41MP output.

    If I remember well, on the Nokia 808 default image size is set to 5MP. It allows for more pixels to be combined (called also pixel-binning) to reduce noise and improve fine details compared to native 5MP sensors. That is the main trick used to improve image quality. It also allows for digital zoom with no quality loss due to upsampling, since it starts from downsampled image, so zoom effectively crops towards sensor’s native resolution. Although pixel-binning advantage gets gradually lost along the way, zoomed-in images retain higher quality compared to upsampled images from other phones.

  • sheila752

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  • Courtney Navey

    The upside to Nokia’s new phone is that it has an awesome camera. The HUGE downside is that it’s a Windows phone and they no longer have the Snake game on it! But seriously, the Windows part is the only thing that keeps me from buying one. A 41 megapixel camera on a phone? Ridiculous.

  • Steven Wade

    This is an advertisement for the Nokia Lumia 925, not he 41mp Lumia 1020

  • Steven Wade

    Also not the phone in the advertisement.

  • Fernando Callo

    Heeeeeeeey! People only buy iPhones because of the camera and Instagram. Nobody cares about the fact that it is a phone (as a main function). Go and look at the statistics

  • Fernando Callo

    People don’t know there are more apps than just Instagram (especially iOS users). It’s a shame

  • Fernando Callo

    Besides, as explained before my comment, it is not 41 megapixels

  • Deepak Nallaswamy

    its fake/manipulated look at the shadow. the lighting is completely different. its so sunny in the Nokia shot

  • Jared

    I’d buy it just for the snake game. I’m sure there’s an app for that.

  • AMonkeyInMyPocket

    An irrational hatred for anything Windows seems to be the main thing keeping people from even trying one. Everyone I know who has a Windows phone loves it.

  • Antonio Carrasco

    ummm, Nokia is sporting Windows Phone OS. Nobody is buying that.

  • dudung10

    too bad people don’t buy phones for their cameras. no wonder nokia is dying.

  • dudung10

    thanks for sharing what you 10yr old girls think of the iphone.

  • dudung10

    and now that nokia has pointed this out. apple will steal their ideas and make it better then sell it for twice as much. muahahaha.

  • robniep

    Tried the Nokia 1020 this weekend. I’m not sold on the OS but I heavily considered it just for the camera. The camera was nothing short of amazing.

  • RioRyan

    I call shenanigans on that skateboard shot. The sky (lighting) is completely different!

    edited to fix redundancy

  • Renato Murakami

    Bad strategy, prone to result in kneejerk reactions.
    iPhone 5 has qualities no Nokia smartphone will offer. This is coming from a Nokia 808 fan that will buy the 1020 as soon as it hits the brazilian market.

  • Matthew Wagg

    I’m no fan of Apple but at least they didn’t fake their claims on their camera

  • Sterling

    Are they claiming that the iPhone 5 can make it cloudy and cause the sun to disappear?

  • Bo

    i like more the photo of the skater taken on the iPhone. (i’m talking about the action moment)

  • Fernando Callo

    I hate Apple and all of its products but that is the truth.

  • RJ

    I have to agree at this point – not very fair to compare shots in different lightning conditions. In Nokia’s shots it’s partly cloudy, and sun was shining. In iPhone shot it was cloudy, and no sun.
    But still my previous comment is valid about “Motion blur”.

  • RJ

    Sorry for typo: lightning here is lighting :).

  • Igor Ken

    I was actually talking about apps like vscocam, pictapgo, afterlight, mextures. This is what I use on my phone ^_^

  • Humble

    Nokia didnt fool us this time with ‘fake’ shoot out? Lol

  • Susheel Chandradhas

    I’d pick the IPhone images any day. They’re flatter off the cam, but allow for more to be done with them.

  • Genkakuzai

    Yeah it’s still a Nokia. I’ll pass.

  • Grant Butler

    1020 is too saturated, they need to tone it back, I also don’t like how grainy the 1020 is