Firefighter Captures Kitten Resuscitation on Helmet Cam

Here’s a little something that might help start off your work day with a smile, or perhaps an “aww.” This video above is a mock movie trailer put together by Fresno, CA firefighter Cory Kalanick using footage he captured of a kitten rescue and resuscitation he performed last month.

The rescue happened outside of a smoke-filled home in Northwest Fresno. Told to go look for salvage, he instead found the lifeless body of a little kitten. He then proceeded to take the kitten outside, pour water on it and administer a full tank of oxygen until the little guy came back to life.


Fresno’s CBS47 had a chance to talk to Kalanick:

But you’ll notice something else about Kalanick’s video at the top. Rather than putting the raw footage online, he edited it into a “movie trailer” of sorts, poking fun at himself while telling the story.

Surrounded by Sundance Film Festival-like leaves, the trailer proclaims that The Rescue has won the “Tree Hugger Award,” while a direct quote by the aptly named ‘Lucky’ the kitten dubs it “one of the most life saving films of the year.”

Movie trailer or not, there’s a reason Kalanick always has his helmet cam running. Most days, he tells CBS47, it records the worst moment of someone’s life … this time it recorded a precious miracle.

(via Laughing Squid)

  • Kathryn Nee

    Thanks. Now I’m bawling like a new born.

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    … next!

  • Mo

    This is lovely. Made me feel all fuzzy inside :)

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  • nyrker

    who leaves a kitten in a burning house? God bless this man.

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  • Alex

    Praise the firefighter who actually found the kitten.

  • geekstylecollection

    she did

  • Steven Brown

    Reading comprehension obviously isn’t one of your strong suits, as the article clearly states that he was poking fun at himself with the video.

  • la1971

    Great story, but it wasn’t a miracle. It was the result of a human using tried and true techniques to resuscitate a living creature. What a wonderful man!

  • PhantomParticle

    No, she thanked him. She praised god!

  • PhantomParticle

    However, I understand the intent. :) Great Story

  • TronSheridan

    “Vegan Films” Ugh. Just show me the raw footage please.

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    I see what you did there.

  • americandolt

    Something that cheered me up today.

  • carolrhill814

    It is so wonderful to see wonderful stories like this and he has a big heart.
    It has been a very long time that sat here with happy tears in a very long time.
    May GOD keep this fireman and all fireman safe and secure so they can continue doing the good work they do for all of us as I am certain HE will!!!

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  • Chris

    Well that was just lovely. =)

  • Matthew Landeen

    Cory Kalanick MARRY ME!?

  • Ave Maria Cosgriff Hurley

    This is wonderful-! Back in 1969, my parents house burned down and one of our young cats an Angora named ‘Fluffy’ was found limp from smoke. I tried to resucitate her and asked the firemen for some oxygen, but they refused, saying she would have been brain damaged if revived. i continued for several minutes with my hands cupped over her mouth and breathing in unsuccessfully.It has always haunted me and i remember telling those firemen ” we didnt use any of your oxygen PLEASE let me use it on my kitten~!’ but was told NO. Seeing this video has restored my faith in the compassion of some firemen and people to reach out and help save defenseless little animals. This fireman is a hero . He saved a life~!! Lucky is very lucky indeed~!!

  • Ave Maria Cosgriff Hurley

    You cant be really certain that anyone was home at the time of the fire, or that they could have seen the kitten before it collapsed, as it could have been hiding under something and only crawled out when it was too late and passed our. However from my own experience, when our house burned down when i was a kid, we got the younger kids and our cats out, however 2 of our cats ran back in. One firemen caught Bunny and tossed her out the window to safety but she freaked and ran back into the house.He did catch her the second time and called out for us to grab her when she hit the grass, which we did and then brought her to a neighbors to safety as she was an indoor cat always. Our other cat Fluffy , I was able to run and catch but she was not as lucky although I was able to grab her near the front door, she was already unconscious. In smoke, animals freak out like people and can go hide under something til they are too disoriented and then unable to escape. Thank God this fireman was able to see her and rescue her. Thank God his efforts paid off, as I know when i tried to revive Fluffy, she didnt make it. Bunny however lived til the ripe old age of 22 real time years, more than 15 years after our fire. She was an amazing cat with more than 9 lives~!

  • Indixie

    I Did say THAnks To HIm..FD(Fire Department ! HERO !)

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  • Indixie

    That’s right I praise God for All things..
    I thank MAn.. I do not Praise man..

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