Sluggish Canon EOS M Autofocus Will Be Up to 2.3x Faster with Firmware Update


There was a great deal of excitement when Canon entered the mirrorless camera market with the EOS M last year, but much of the buzz evaporated when people began putting the camera through its paces. Although the camera features impressive image quality, one of the biggest issues is the sluggish autofocus that often gets in the way of capturing “decisive moments.”

If you’re the not-so-proud owner of a EOS M who constantly grumbles about the AF, here’s some news that’ll be music to your ears: your camera is set to receive a major AF speed boost by way of a firmware update.


The news was announced by Canon today alongside the EOS M’s new 11-22mm wide-angle zoom lens.

Canon says the upcoming firmware update will make One Shot autofocusing up to 2.3x faster than before, at least when using FlexiZone Multi AF and the 18-55mm kit lens that comes with the camera. The company does warn that the speed improvement may vary depending on what lens you use and what conditions you’re shooting in.

The speed boost is reportedly due to some improvements being made to the AF system’s “Drive Control System.”

Here’s a look at how the AF performed when we tested the camera using an EF lens and the EF-to-EF-M adapter (it was included in our review of the camera):

Canon is encouraging all EOS M users to take advantage of the speed boost by installing the version 2 firmware update when it becomes available at the end of this month. Keep your eyes on the camera’s product page if you’d like to snag the update right when it hits the Internet.

(via Canon New Zealand via Canon Watch)

Image credit: Canon EOS-M by Janitors

  • Tommy Sar

    2.3x slow is still slow.

  • jkantor267

    Bad autofocus is a hardware problem caused by cutting corners – not a firmware problem.

  • Grendel Khan

    Looking forward to the upgrade. Makes a good camera better.

  • gochugogi

    Perhaps Canon wrongfully assumed that folks that shoot at arm’s length were accustomed to blurry pics and didn’t bother to tweak the AF algorithms…

  • Peter333kl

    the EOS M is a great camera. best IQ from any mirrorless i have used.
    thought the AF is a let down.
    but when canon releases the next model im sure the AF will be fixed and other companys, like sony, oly, pana will have a even tougher time to earn a dime from their camera biz.

  • Canonian

    Against all critisism, bad press and bashings this little camera received, I still went out and bought one, and I am very happy with it. With this upcoming firmware I am extra pleased.

    I always see the M as a step up from my compact camera, not a replacement of my DSLR. A Rebel at Powershot size

  • K-Spot Photography

    Few people will appreciate this or understand the impact, but I measured the quality of this camera by how little field flattening errors it exhibits. The sensor is very advanced even though it’s supposed to be the same on other cameras, there are some properties about this camera that some pros will appreciate as a result of the design.

    For one, in my application when using adapted lenses like Leica M glass, there are far fewer issues at the edges than other mirroless cameras I own (I own a NEX-7, Olympus EP-3, Leica M8, and FujiFilm X-Pro1). Secondly, the hot-mirror is far weaker on this sensor, allowing for more creative options like IR-Photography.

    Yes, the AF is slower than competitors but it is about the same speed as a point and shoot. For what it’s worth, I get SLR quality images in a pocketable kit. I won’t rely on it for kids or event shoots, but in a pinch with the 22mm lens it take far better photos than any mirrorless I own and far more compact.

  • ms

    I dunno if I would already call it great then. Perhaps it has great iq, but the thing as a whole currently blows.

  • Guilherme Costa

    iPhone is faster.

  • Sumeet Shrestha

    Hope this upgrade will help in my sluggish AF of EOS M

  • Guest

    i hope it will fix the shot to shot delay too which is around 2-3 seconds not responding to shutter.

  • Pembawa Pete

    i hope it will fix the shot to shot delay, which is around 2-3 seconds not responding to half pressed shutter.

  • petegeoff

    I’ve used Canon products for 30 years now. For work and now as a hobby. Only ever had one problem. That was 28 years ago. I bought the M to replace my DSLR kit. The auto focus is fine. It won’t do the impossible but it is nowhere near as bad as some make out. Canon didn’t come to dominate the market by making products that were no good. I think many people put down products, not just cameras cars are a favourite, because they didn’t have the good sense to buy something decent. It’s likely, if it is the same as cars that these people haven’t even tried this camera. And if they did buy one, why? Any auto focus problem would be quite apparent in the store. As for no viewfinder. If you want a viewfinder why even look at this camera? I like this camera. It’s light and compact which means I can take it with me much more. No more aching shoulders! I may even get that exclusive shot one day! Regards from UK.

  • petegeoff

    Fully agree! I did the same. Canon user for 30 years. See my post.

  • petegeoff

    How do you know? Do you have one? 2.3x on mine would make it as fast as my previous Canon DSLR.

  • petegeoff

    Downloaded firmware update for my M. It’s certainly faster. Whether 2.3x difficult to say. In most circumstances I found autofocus OK anyway. This makes a decent camera even better.