Software Update Brings Improved Photo Capability to Google Glass

Google Glass Cam Update 2

It remains unknown just how popular Google Glass will be when it’s available to the masses, but for the select group of individuals who are lucky enough to sport a pair today, the on board camera just got a bit better.

It’s all thanks to the monthly software updates Google has committed to rolling out to Glass sets. This month’s update promises to improve brightness and sharpness for pictures in low-light situations. It also prompts the glasses to automatically capture HDR (high-dynamic-range) images in bright scenes.

Additionally, Google’s software update now prompts the user to add a caption, which can be done by tapping the headset and speaking.

Google Glass Cam Update 1

Google Glass Cam Update 3

As far as improved images go, Google says it works by “[capturing] a rapid sequence of shots behind the scenes every time you press the camera button which, when combined, gives you a better picture than what you would get with a single shot.”

Google’s been kind enough to upload a series of before-and-after images of the same scenes with and without the software update installed. The differences are clearly noticeable. In the images posted here, the left frame features pre-update photos and the right frame post-update.

Google Glass Cam Update 4

Google Glass Cam Update 5

You can get more info on the update, as well as view the before-and-after shots at full resolution, on Project Glass’ Google Plus page.

(via Google via Gizmodo)

Image credits: Google

  • Stewart Doyle

    I’m skeptical of HDR capture on smartphone-era technology, I know it just flat doesn’t work on a phone with the same basic hardware specs as Glass is purported to carry, although maybe since it’s google working directly with the hardware they might well be getting better results than modders working with a few API’s grudgingly forked over by Samsung.

  • rupertstubbs

    Yes – be very careful when shooting anything that actually moves: it will utterly muck up an HDR shot. I presume that you can turn it off (“Glass – turn off the crappy HDR mode as I want to get a photo of my kid’s birthday party”). Or something.

  • 11

    normalcy is the new improved….