Does This Nikon Patent App Show a New and Upcoming Lens Mount?


This one is a little hard to interpret, but a recently published patent application from Nikon seems to pave the way for a new lens mount.

Proposed U.S. patent 20130129339, for an “Interchangeable Lens, Camera Body and Electronic Device,” envisions a lens mount with up to 12 contacts (current mounts use 7-10) arranged in such a way as to minimize crosstalk between camera and lens subsystems.

“In the case of the camera body and interchangeable lens,” reads the application, “there is the possibility that when communication is performed by two independent communication systems simultaneously, the communication performed by one communication system could give an adverse effect on the communication performed by the other communication system. ”


The patent goes on to talk a lot about drive mechanisms, drive voltage and the precise relation of one contact to another before getting slightly clearer that the main objective seems to better coordination among the mechanical systems in the lens: focus, aperture, power zoom, vibration reduction, etc.


The last time Nikon added a new lens mount to its inventory was in 2011, when the CX mount debuted with Nikon 1, the company’s still-looking-for-traction entry into the mirrorless market.

Image credit: Nikon/U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

  • Rabi Abonour

    Stories like this drive me crazy. Anyone who reports on a new patent as a sign of an upcoming product knows NOTHING about the tech industry or the patent system. Companies file patents on anything and everything they can while knowing full well that they have no plans to develop most of the products.

  • Kevin Purcell

    Note this is based on two Japanese patent applications from 2010 and is a continuation of an application from Feb. 23, 2011 in the US. It’s on-going work that has been around for some time.

    The current Nikon 1 mount uses 12 contacts as shown in this patent. I think this patent is just talking about the mount design for the Nikon 1.

    As a side note the Nikon 1 mount is oversized and is clearly big enough for an APS-C sensor for whenever they decide to go in that direction. An APS-C mirrorless “Nikon 2″ could use the mechanics and contacts of the current Nikon 1 mount. But that’s not what this patent application is about.