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Nikon Patent Points at a Protective Barrier in Future EVIL Cameras


Another Nikon patent discovered recently provides yet another sneak peek at their yet-to-be-announced mirrorless, interchangeable lens camera.

This one seems to be for some sort of system that protects the inside of the camera body from dust and foreign objects when the lens is removed. It does make sense though, and I wonder why DSLR bodies don’t already do this?

It would be great if the camera automatically closed some sort of protective barrier whenever it detected that the lens was being removed. If you needed to actually see the innards of the camera, you could expose it via some option inside the menus, similar to how the sensor is exposed on DSLRs. Thoughts?

From the diagrams included in the patent, we also learn a little more about the electronic viewfinder’s construction. Notice how it’s displayed from below and reflected to the photographer using a mirror. This might also be to enlarge the display.

This is just the latest of a series of patents regarding this upcoming camera system.

Excited about Nikon going EVIL yet?

(via Nikon Rumors)