VSCO Teases Exciting New Version of Its Camera App, and This One Will Be Free


Visual Supply Co, the people behind the film emulation software VSCO Film and the $1 iOS app VSCO Cam, have taken to the interwebz to tease an upcoming version of the latter that has many smartphone photography junkies excited. The new VSCO Cam will come with an all new interface and, according to them, “represents major advancements in mobile photography image processing.” Oh, and by the by, this one’ll be free.

Here’s a short teaser video:

There’s not a lot in way of information yet. Judging by the teaser, it looks like there will be many more film options, a much sleeker interface, and some social features that the previous VSCO Cam didn’t see.

Taking Camera+’s lead, they’ve also added a two finger focus/exposure feature for more control, and photos will now include geotags as well as other EXIF data such as aperture, ISO and flash setting. Here are a few of the sample shots VSCO is letting us take a peek at on their blog:






For now, we have no additional info regarding availability, but we’ll keep you posted. If the app really can “achieve results previously unattainable on an iPhone,” and all for the price of on-the-house, then it’ll definitely be worth getting your hands on it and giving it a try.

Head over to VSCO’s blog for more sample shots and screen grabs of the UI.

  • Brian Carlson

    Maybe it’s just me but when I think of VSCO I don’t think of Dubstep.

  • Thomas Lawn

    I think it’s a hipster thing. When I see a 50/1.2, I don’t think, “Hey, I can shoot into the sun at f/1.2 ALL THE TIME,” but there are people who do.

  • Patrick

    “Free” is probably pushing it a bit. My guess is the basic app will be free, but they will charge for film emulation filters, al la Hipstamatic.

  • Ex14

    Kinda wish there was an android app for this :(

  • worker88

    You are not alone.

  • worker88

    Excited for this. I like the current app and how it doesn’t overcook images.

  • pourio

    Agreed. I was expecting the Civil Wars or something more… hipsterish.

  • JC Vogt

    But if you’re really into the looks it produces, I don’t think you’d mind paying the extra cash.

  • JC Vogt

    They said they’re definitely going to make one, but they have not idea as to when it’ll be released.