First Leica Mini M Photograph Leaked: It’s a Fixed Lens APS-C M Clone


This is the first leaked photograph of Leica’s upcoming Mini M — a camera that the German company first started teasing on its website last week.

The leak comes courtesy of Mirrorless Rumors, which spotted the photo and specs on a French iPad publication:


The Leica Mini M will reportedly be an APS-C sensor camera with a fixed zoom lens. The fully aluminum body looks like a Leica M rangefinder, there’s a 16.1 megapixel sensor on the inside, and on the front is a permanently attached Leica Elmar 28-70mm (35mm equivalent) f/3.5-6.4 lens.

There is no built in viewfinder, but an electronic viewfinder can be attached to the hotshoe mount. The camera also features Full HD video recording, and comes bundled with a copy of Adobe Lightroom.

If you take a look at Leica’s website today, you’ll see that the teaser that first appeared last week has changed a bit. The once fully closed box is now slightly open, showing the corner of the Leica Mini M:


In terms of pricing, the price tag will reportedly sit at €2,450, or around $3,160. By comparison, the Leica M costs $6,950 and the Leica X2 costs $2,000, so this camera sits snugly in between..

According to Leica, the new Mini M will be unveiled at an official launch event on June 11th.

  • Michael Comeau


  • Cajun Exile

    If you knew the history of Leica you would be ashamed of that comment. Elsie Kuehn-Leitz, the daughter of the founder of Lieca, was imprisoned and tortured by the Gestapo for smuggling Jews out of Germany to escape the Holocaust after Germany closed her borders in 1939. She was not the only Leica executive to be imprisoned by the Nazis. Prior to 1939, Ernst Leitz formulated a policy that assisted hundred of Jews fleeing Nazi persecution with jobs abroad. During their lifetimes the Leitz family wanted no publicity for their courageous deeds in the face of tremendous adversity. The truth of the Leica Freedom Train came out much later. You should Google it and educate yourself.

  • xc1427

    can’t wait to see who will first buy this camera.

  • Michael

    Can we all say BACKWARDS? M mount compatibility would have been a huge seller.

  • AlanS

    …f/3.5 – 6.4 lens… You’re joking me?
    At the (35mm equivalent) of 70mm, your widest aperture is f/6.3!!! That’s probably like f/11 on a 35mm equivalent lens in terms of depth of field!
    This is just laughable for a $3000 camera (probably for a $300 camera too!)

  • Kodachrome64

    The ONLY thing they needed to do was make an APS-C camera with a Leica mount and maybe an electronic viewfinder, or at least the attachment for the external EVF. A true mini M. Done. I seriously wonder what they were thinking.

  • Jonas N

    This camera will be one slow Porsche though.

  • Simon G

    I am still using film, but the fact that I have some of the finest Lieica lenses available does not persuade me that the best digital body for them will be leica. I assume that Leica’s digital components come from Fuji etc.. So I am much more likely to get excited by a full frame Fuji X-Pro.