Olympus Unveils E-PL6: A Cheaper MFT Camera That’s Strong Where It Matters


For those of you that were disappointed when you saw the price of Olympus’ newly-announced E-P5 earlier, the company has another camera up its sleeve to help ease the pain. Although it’s only been given a release date in Japan — lending credence to rumors that it may never sell anywhere else — the much rumored and leaked Olympus PEN Lite E-PL6 has also arrived.

In addition to the less-retro styling, the spec sheet for the E-PL6 reads a little bit like an E-P5 or E-M5 with a few conspicuous absences. Fortunately, the camera seems to have stayed strong where it matters: inside you’ll find the same 16-megapixel MFT sensor, TruePic VI engine and quick autofocus system found in the E-P5 and EM-5.


The cost-saving shortcuts that will have the E-PL6 closer in price (we assume, no price announcement as of yet) to its predecessor came in the form of no built-in WiFi or 5-axis stabilization. You’ll also have to settle with only 8fps continuous shooting, and a lower resolution 460K dot swivel LCD touchscreen.

Other, less-noteworthy features include a Short Release Time Lag mode that decreases shutter lag to 44 milliseconds, an ISO LOW setting that drops your ISO to 100, and an Interval Shooting mode (up to 99 shots taken over up to 24 hours) that the company is pairing with an in-camera Time Lapse movies functionality that will create your time-lapse for you.

For now, Olympus has only committed to a Japan release date, where interested consumers will be able to snag the new PEN Lite in Red, White, Silver or Black starting in late June.

  • Ben Jacobsen

    what’s the difference between this and the epl5 that’s already sold in the US? Same sensor, same 8fps, same lacking features. Sure it’s got the intervoltmeter but it’s basically the same exterior and specs…

  • Ivan

    Looking at the E-PL6, and here comes a thought: what are actually all these mode dials doing as the *only* top dial on most of advanced compacts, small system cameras, and entry-level DSLRs? Would exposure compensation dial or perhaps ISO selection be a better choice for it? I can’t remember I ever needed to change modes shot to shot, but I do regularly change exposure compensation from shot to shot, along with ISO setting, metering mode and white balance (if shooting JPEG).

    I guess PASM/PTvAvM dial delivers a statement “serious camera”, while absence of it screams “point and shoot”. Apart from that, I can’t really see any other reason to waste conveniently located (only) dial by assigning less frequently used function to it.

  • ZL Shaw

    Actually, In their Japanese official web page., the description says E-PL6 got a function called “ダイヤルマイセット- My Dial Set”. Which means you can set all the options (ISO/AF/aspect ratio/shutter speed …) you want to change into one of the dial sector. Isn’t that what you want? That’s I want too! I’m getting one right away lol