A Brutally Honest Review of Canon’s New Rebel T5i, the T4i on Placebo

Calgary, Alberta, Canada-based camera store The Camera Store just released this review in which Chris Niccolls takes a look at the new Canon Rebel T5i (also known as the 700D and Kiss X7i). The 1-minute-long video may be the most honest review of the camera yet.

The T5i was announced last month to no fanfare, and resulted in much groaning from photographers who wanted to see Canon shake things up a bit in its camera lines.

Rather than announce something innovative, Canon decided to do the exact opposite. The T5i is pretty much the T4i with a new model name slapped onto it.

Can't tell the difference? We don't blame ya

Can’t tell the difference? We don’t blame ya

Don’t believe us? Check out this side-by-side spec comparison courtesy of SnapSort (we’ve fixed a couple of spec errors in this screenshot):


Sometimes new cameras are referred to as their predecessor “on steroids.” Not so with the T5i. It’s the T4i on placebo.

The 18-55mm did get some minor steroids, though.

  • Mihir

    True that Straight shooter

  • Joshia Dockrell

    But you get digital zoom in video….. wtf canon. I am still trying to sell the t4i

  • Winston

    When I was shopping for an SLR, it was Nikon D5100 vs T3i. T3i was T2i + better LCD. D5100 was a D7000-class sensor for cheaper, just without the weatherproofing. It really wasn’t much of a competition. Sadly for Canon, they’re still stagnant in APS-C innovation…

  • Winston

    So essentially, it’s a T4i with a CPU/firmware update…

  • unknXwn

    Don’t forget 8fps high speed shooting which still rocks. And a meager 19-point AF system. The 7D is still awesome.

  • DuRi

    The biggest difference is in AF. The new model has all cross type focus points. I don’t see the increase in price necessary tho. Canon designers and technicians seems to be desperate with creating something interesting. But why to bother to release new model every year? I am canon user but i don’t get that honestly.

  • Steve W

    I think I’ll stick with my “old” T2i for now. Funny thing… I still get great photos from it. Hmmmm…

  • plants_birds_rocks_n_things

    Saw the commercial.
    Then saw this.
    That was a fast decision.

  • Ricardo Herrera

    I found it hilarious that Canon used the exact same commercial for the T4i and the “new” T5i.

  • Yoo Toobless

    Reading all your comments made me want my MTV.

  • Justin Provost

    I would Say so, be nice if Canon gave us a firmware update for the T4i….

  • cnccnc

    Except for the actual photos.

  • bob

    just go get an old 1d mark II N for 500 bucks. beat the hell out of 1.6x sensors. or 1ds2 for 800 bucks. these 1.6x will never beat the old apsh and full frame cameras. getting the shot is the most important. only excuse is if people don’t like the weight of the 1 series.

  • Taurkon

    with popcorn from the microwave oven

  • Jose

    5 grams heavier hahaha .. you bet!! lol

  • herby heretic

    what about custom-kitchen deliveryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???

  • Cowslip

    Not to mention Industrial Desease

  • James

    Just Firmware, Same CPU

  • Praverb

    Glad I didn’t fall for this wow…

  • Fed Up with weirdos like you

    how do you pronounce “EOS” again?

  • Chocolatini

    Looks like Canon is really milking their product line for maximum profits.
    Typical of the marketing dept. of a corporation to add one or 2 small features and call it “new”.

  • Mo

    Not before you move the refrigerator…

  • Steven

    I’m currently on a T3i…been on that since mid-2011 and have no intentions of upgrading within 2014…which won’t be to T5i or whatever it is they come out with…I’m basically still looking at the same camera…I’m headed to a 60D or a 5D or something…

  • Muhammad Hamza Ijaz

    i bought the t5i but after comparing the specs i think i should have gone with t4i and saved some budget

  • Dwayne Johnson

    T5i was never marketed by Canon as a massive upgrade to the T4i… it’s just the current version… T4i IS DISCONTINUED. THAT IS WHY IT IS NOW CHEAPER.

    Also, content aside – what a horrible video. Get better talent.

  • Carroll D Hanks

    That was one the most amateurish and crappy “reviews” of a product I have ever seen.

  • yearofrolling .

    I’d hate to be a salesperson that has to try to push the newer-better t5i over the t4i.

  • Steve Wilkinson

    Pretty well… $614 today.

  • Steve Struthers

    And this is exactly why I’ve kept my T2i as long as I have. The 6D and 7D and even 70D are substantially more money, and for what? A bigger image sensor? I tend to buy stills cameras on the basis of image quality, not feature set and gimmicks.

    Canon really need to pick up their socks here. They make good cameras, but Sony et al. are about to pull way ahead of them with some of the stuff they’re bringing out now.

  • Steve Struthers

    I’m thinking the same thing. Jumping ship, that is. Sony’s new RX10 looks like a pretty compelling piece of kit, even if its main drawback is a built-in 24 ~ 200mm non-removeable lens. Then again, 90% of my shooting is done between 18 and 70mm anyway, with the odd telephoto shot.

  • Michelle Ignasiak

    I upgraded from the T3i to the T5i and have noticed a SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE in image quality… I strongly believe that my T3i took better pictures. I’m not sure if it’s my T5i’s settings, but the pictures are noticebly grainier and it takes horrible pictures at night. If I could, I would return my T5i and buy another T3i. I am highly dissappointed with my T5i upgrade.