Action-Packed Photos of Parkour Athletes Leaping From Place to Place


Andy Day is a London-based photographer who specializes in shooting parkour and freerunning. In case you’ve never heard of it before, parkour is an activity in which participants (called “traceurs”) move fluidly through urban landscapes by running, climbing, and jumping across/through/on obstacles, getting from one place to another through the most efficient route possible using only their bodies.

Day has been photographing the activity since 2003, and is actively engaged in climbing various things (e.g. rocks, buildings, abandoned ships) himself.

Unlike other photographers who first pick up a camera and then become passionate about a particular subject, it was parkour that first brought Day into the world of photography. He became interested in the sport as a university student in 2003, and began photographing it for his studies.

After getting a taste of the photography/parkour combination, he has been working as a parkour photographer ever since and travels the world to capture practitioners performing. As the sport becomes more widely known, Day has had plenty of opportunities to sell his parkour photography commercially.

Here’s a commercial Day created with Canon a few years ago:

Here’s a collection of some of Day’s best work:













You can find out more about Day on his personal website and see more of his amazing photography over on his photo site.

Andy Day’s Portfolio (via Slate)

Image credits: Photographs by Andy Day and used with permission

  • Joshua Tobias George Barrett

    I love the sixth and seventh shots in this article!

  • Goh Bing Hui Terence

    sixth is my favourite too.

  • Luc Renambot

    maybe petapixel should number their pictures in post, like inFocus…

  • Blog-G├╝ero

    Great pics but he can seriously make a living shooting parkour?

  • Andy Day

    Ha! Not quite. I have a very inexpensive lifestyle and do a few other bits and pieces to get by – teaching, tv work, random stuff to do with rock climbing. :)

  • Andy Day

    Thanks for the comments, everyone. Both delighted and honoured to have been featured on petapixel. :)