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Stop-Motion Parkour: A Dizzying Parkour Fight Scene Done Entirely in Stop-Motion


The guys behind the popular YouTube channel Corridor Digital are not Parkour masters. They’ll never be captured on camera majestically leaping impossible distances because… well… they can’t.

But as you can see from the video above, a little bit of stop-motion photography is all they need to bridge the gap between Parkour amateur, and Parkour master.

The video is called Stop-Motion Parkour, although the duo did give it the alternate title of, “how to get sun-burns and grass-burns at the same time tutorial” on their Facebook page. Whatever you want to call it, it’s impressive.


Using stop-motion techniques paired with what looks to be some frame interpolation software, they created a dizzying Parkour fight scene that required no actual athleticism. In fact, they were laying down the whole time!

Check it out at the top to see the final result for yourself, and then check out their YouTube Channel, Facebook and Twitter accounts if you’d like to keep up with Corridor Digital as they continue to make movies.