Sony’s Xperia Z Outperforms Spec Sheet, Snaps Photos at a Blazing 14fps


Sony’s latest addition to their Xperia line of smartphones isn’t known for its camera as is, for example, the new HTC One. But even though it doesn’t feature “Ultrapixels” or 41 or the regular type like the PureView, it can capture 999 photos in just 68 seconds.


In addition to being dust and water-resistant, the Z comes touting a 13MP Exynos RS rear camera, 16GB of built-in memory, and a burst mode that can dole out 9MP photos at 10fps. But for once, the truth outweighs the specs. When Geek got their hands on the new phone, they actually managed to pull 14fps out of the smartphone when they shot a total of 999 stills in 68 seconds.

Here’s the video footage to prove it:

It’s not often you hear of a product outperforming its spec sheet. So if speed in a smartphone cam is what you’re looking for, the Xperia Z is set to hit European shelves sometime this week (possibly today), with a US release listed as “Coming Soon” but expected sometime in March.

(via Geek via TogTech)

  • Angel Khan


  • chras

    4K resolution videos on a phone? Cool.

  • Bipin पतंग्वा

    What about uk??

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  • Chris Blizzard

    But will taking all those photos crash the phone? In fact, will receiving a phone call occasionally crash the phone like my Xperia? Will the design be so bad you’re forced to remove the headphone socket cover just so you can plug in your headphones? will it be so poorly assembled you can see the edge of the screen like my Xperia? Will it be so buggy that it occasionally registers your finger press in a completely random part of the screen like on my Xperia?

    I won’t hold my breath on this…

  • Igor Ken

    ahha here’s an angry xperia user :P

  • Rob MUrtha

    Signs of the new MIT imaging chip in the field?

  • Abhi

    which Xperia do u hv buddy?