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Watch the 42MP Sony a7R III Shoot at 10fps and Do Eye AF


Sony’s new $3,200 a7R III mirrorless camera can shoot full frame 42MP RAW photos at a blazing speed of 10 frames per second with full AF and AE capabilities. Here’s a 6-second demo by DPReview that shows just how fast the camera is.

The camera can shoot at this speed with the mechanical shutter, as this short clip by Jared Polin shows:

Keep in mind that these demos were done without memory cards in the camera. When you’re actually shooting, the buffer can store up to 76 full-res JPEG or RAW photos or 28 uncompressed 14-bit RAW files, so you’ll be able to squeeze off bursts of 7.6 seconds and 2.8 seconds, respectively.

Sony also says that compared to the a7R II, the a7R III can autofocus twice as fast in low-light situations and do tracking and Eye AF twice as effectively. DPReview also recorded this short demo showing how well the camera can keep the focus locked on your subject’s eyes when while the camera is being waved around.

Digital cameras often choose between a tradeoff of high-resolution and speed, but with the a7R III, Sony has seemingly crammed in the best of both worlds.

Here’s our coverage of the official announcement for this camera today in case you missed it the first time around.