Make a Simple DIY Lens Cap Holder Using Two Thin LEGO Pieces


Flickr photographer RawSniper1 has a clever way of holding onto his lens caps when they’re not attached to the front of his lenses: he uses LEGO pieces. By attaching one thin 2×4 piece permanently to the top of his lens cap and one thin 2×8 piece to his camera strap, he created a simple DIY lens cap holder system.

The lens cap has been in the photo-industry news quite a bit over the past year, with companies developing new shock absorbing caps, Canon switching over to pinch-style caps, and a constant stream of new lens cap holder concepts. Besides using your pocket (the obvious solution), RawSniper1’s tip is one of the simplest and cheapest we’ve seen yet.

Lego Gear [Flickr via DIYPhotography]

Image credit: lego_gear by RawSniper1

  • Mark N

    I would knock the cap off of the 8×2 constantly. I imagine endless searches under furniture or watching the cap roll onto the street and getting ground into the road by a Mack truck. The humble front pants pocket – still, by far, the most elegantly designed lens cap holder.

  • Anthony Burokas

    Simplest & cheapest?
    What of the simple lanyard with a stickie from the 80’s that you bought for a buck. Loop it through the camera’s shoulder strap loop and stick it to the lens. Done.

    Wait, swapping lenses? Okay.

    I’n not going to waste my time drilling out and tying leggos onto my camera strap.

  • Gabriel Constantin

    Also a good way to fill the cap with lint very, very fast!

  • Ariel Caudis

    “ohh no id never cover my Nikon lens cap with a lego!, I want everybody to see the Nikon brand on it “

  • Steff Hughes

    Pocket or bra cup, whichever is more accessible at the time ;)

  • Marry Root

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  • lolilol

    I’ve got to start using a bra.


    a guy