Kenko Filter Stick is like a Lorgnette for Your Camera Lens

You know those handle-equipped glasses called ‘lorgnettes’ that were popular among fashionable women in the 19th century? Instead of being fixed to your face, the spectacles were simply held up to your eyes with one hand, and were used mainly for style rather than vision correction. Kenko’s new Filter Stick is kinda like that, except for camera lenses instead of booshie eyeballs.

A woman using a lorgnette back in the early 1900s. [#]

The product makes it easy to use DSLR lens filters with camera lenses that don’t have filter threads — compact cameras, for example.

Instead of using a mount and/or magnets to attach filters to your lens, you simply attach your filter to an accessory that’s shaped like a magnifying glass, and then hold the thing up to your lens.

The Filter Stick allows you to attach any 58mm filter to either side of the “stick”, allowing you to use everything from polarizers to neutral density filters on smaller cameras. It’ll start hitting store shelves this month in Japan — no word yet on international availability — with a price tag of ¥2,300 (about $29).

Filter Stick by Kenko (via 43 Rumors)

  • jdm8

    In other words, it’s a fashion accessory.

    I see it as a distraction and even a negative as the second hand should be used to help hold the camera steady.

  • Ross Jukes

    And I thought they only filtered coffee…

  • Daniel Austin Hoherd

    I totally need one of these! I have the hardest time holding my filters in front of my point-shoot and phone camera lens using my finger and opposing thumb! Humans are so clumsy that way, LOL!! Plus, who needs filter size options? Time to sell all my various filter sizes and buy all new 58mm ones so they will fit on this must-have accessory!

  • Jonathan Maniago

    So… How exactly would this be more convenient than holding the filter against the lens with your own bare fingers?

  • Joshua Morin

    Gotta love sarcasm!

  • Daniel Austin Hoherd

    It’s not more convenient, it’s more sexy.

  • Terrance Lam

    Square filters aren’t bad to hold, but if you’re using an ultra-wide lens and round filter, you run the risk of catching your fingers in the shot. Nice thing about this is you can get one sized filter, and for those lenses that are smaller threads, you don’t have to tote around filter step-up rings.

  • afildes

    I need an adjustable fit one of these, like the old Hasselblad and Mamiya focussing handles – to fit over the focussing ring of manual lenses. Panasonic made one for focussing manual lenses in movie shooting on something like a GH body but it was only a plastic stretch strap with a little handle on it. Damn the filters – make ‘em for lenses!