The Perks of Having a Large Instagram Following

You don’t get to 200,000 followers without earning a few perks. A couple of months ago, we reported that a number of Instagram power users had been flown out to the US Open in New York as part of various companies’ marketing campaigns. Free trips and freebies like that one are becoming more and more common for Instagrammers with large followings.

In an interview with Feature Shoot published yesterday, photographer Steph Goralnick shares about the amazing perks that elite Instagram users are enjoying these days:

Another great fit are tourism boards who hire photographers to travel around a city or country and do what they would normally do while traveling (which is most certainly to post photos). The photographer gets a wonderful job being paid to shoot in a new place (which we love!) and the client benefits from viewers exploring the location tag.

[…] One I really enjoyed was this past April when the New York Rangers were in the NHL playoffs, Delta (who is a sponsor of Madison Square Garden) was looking for a unique way to engage with fans online during the game, as well as develop some kickass content for their official Instagram account.

They hired myself and five other photographers using Instagram to cover the game from our own perspective. We were treated to all-access of MSG, from the control room up near the ceiling, to the penalty box during warmups, to Delta’s swanky box suites, to choice seats right behind the goalie.

Goralnick was also recently flown to Israel for a 10-day tour of beautiful and captivating sites around the country.

If you’d like to follow along on her adventures, she can be found as @sgoralnick on Instagram. The account commands the attention of over 200,000 followers.

Instagram Photographer Steph Goralnick Gives Advice and Discusses the Perks of Popularity [Feature Shoot]

Image credits: Photograph by Steph Goralnick

  • pete n pete

    Step #1: Get an Instagram.
    Step #2: Get Paid.

    Seems easy enough.

  • ennuipoet

    Funny, a sepia toned snapshot of breakfast in Topeka looks exactly like a sepia tone snapshot of breakfast in London. I guess an Egg McMuffin in London has some of cachet I am missing.

  • ceebee

    Are they now called ‘photographers’?

  • pete n pete

    They’re called a “Royale with Egg” over there. ha

  • Jonathon Chambers

    ….I need an iphone

  • aloanuntilpayday

    @twitter-594182089:disqus step3: rinse and repeat

  • sgoralnick

    Hey there. I was actually a photographer before Instagram was around, not a photographer “because” I am using it. It’s a platform that lots of other photographers use to share their personal cellphone shots as daily updates :)

  • Daniel Lowe

    Facebook owns InstaGram. I don’t even like having a facebook account in the first place. When InstaGram pulled that little privacy stunt last year, it should have showed you their real intentions — to use your work without your permission.

    Enjoy the free trips and VIP treatment, but a smartphone photographer is never going to understand ISO, aperture, or shutter speed. It’s highly unlikely that an InstaGrammer will know how to work with artificial lighting or low-light environments.

    But be my guest, go hire someone because they’ve got a lot of followers on InstaGram. Just don’t complain to me when they don’t understand lighting, technical photography or post workflow.

    I’m disappointed that photography is pretty much a popularity contest. Go find someone named “Lincoln Harrison”.. nobody knows who this guy is, but his work is incredible.

    I bet you won’t find him on InstaGram.

  • The REAL Daniel Lowe

    Thanks for the Post Lincoln…