Mayer to Lay Out Game Plan for Yahoo, Will Show Flickr Some Love

Good news, Flickr fans: new Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is paying attention to your service, and is planning to make it a big part of her plans to turn the company around. Mayer will be holding her first “all hands” meeting tomorrow, during which she will reveal her plans on how to fix the beleaguered web pioneer. Among these plans are an emphasis on user experience over advertising revenue and special attention given to Flickr. Kara Swisher of AllThingsD writes,

It’s all based around learning technology that Yahoo has been working on called CORE, or Content Optimization and Relevance Engine. There will be lots of linking out and an attempt to make Yahoo more of a platform for others to develop on top of.

It’s a little Facebook-like, said several sources, but more focused on content and other products that differentiate Yahoo. Mayer has decided to back 10 key arenas, such as its powerful Yahoo Finance and Yahoo Sports sites, as well as its Flickr photo offering.

[…] In addition, Mayer has already ordered the removal of some ads from both Yahoo’s email service and also its home page, cutting them back to improve the consumer experience. That’s a dicey move since Yahoo makes a big chunk of change from those ads, especially on the home page.

It seems like Mayer is paying heed to the Internet’s polite request for her to “please make Flickr awesome again.”

(via Engadget)

  • Ed: Sabot Images

    Removing some of the ads allows Yahoo to reduce the inventory of ad space thus being able to increase value of what is left. The real inventory is page views but too many advertisers do not understand this but they understand ad inventory. There are so many superbowl ads so each is worth an incredible amount of money for example. Yahoo is not the superbowl but the big popular services are worth more money especially if the user experience will bring back past Yahoo users who have left.

  • jesseyardley

    She’s the cutest CEO I’ve seen. Hope she’s smart as hell too, cause Flickr needs some juice.

  • Mansgame

    The problem with flickr is their arrogance. They had something unique 8 years ago (or whenever they were started) so it was a somewhat small community with a small community rules that the people who were there from the beginning had a lot of say in how things were done.

    As they grew, the old timers didn’t want to change anything but the rest of the internet was changing and they weren’t adapting. They completely missed the boat on social media and the website looks like it’s from 2005. Would they change? A decent uploader and downloader perhaps? No, they would make small changes, ignore big issues and any criticism would be ignored by the staff who just high five each other in the help forums.

    A couple of years ago when they made some changes that caused a lot of issues, all they did was blame users and ban people from help forums. The new CEO needs to clean house and bring in developers. Thjey still rely on 3rd party developers for the simpliest things. heads need to role at flicker to make any change.