Nikon D600 Sensor Found by DxOMark to be “Elite” and 3rd Best Ever

Nikon’s new entry level full frame DSLR, the Nikon D600, is supposed to be a lightweight camera with heavyweight image quality. DxOMark confirms it to be true. The camera equipment measurement company has announced its sensor quality results for the D600, and the score is sure to put a big smile on the faces of Nikonians around the world. Rated at an overall score of “94”, the camera received the third highest score ever, and falls in third place behind the D800 and D800E — cameras that cost roughly $1,000 more.

This sensor score graph shows where the D600 ranks among all the other digital cameras out there:

The company concludes,

Nikon’s D600 will certainly help camera enthusiasts and avid photography hobbyists reach for what they once thought was unobtainable – an intuitive and more affordable high quality full-frame DSLR. As an added bonus, the camera provides users extreme value, as noted through its DxOMark sensor score of 94, which puts it in an elite category currently occupied by two additional Nikon cameras.

However, it will be interesting to note if Canon and its recently launched EOS 6D – a full-frame, lightweight, and affordable DSLR that directly competes with the D600 – can close the sensor and image quality gap between the two friendly rivals.

If you want a visual look at what this high score means, check out this great review published by Tom Bricker over at Disney Tourist Blog. Here’s a side-by-side crop from ISO6400 photos he shot using the D600 and D700. Can you tell which photo was created by which camera?

Crops taken from photographs by Tom Bricker/Disney Tourist Blog

Nikon D600 sets high bar for sensor image quality [DxOMark]

  • bob cooley

    Insulting post by Canon fanboi/gurl in 3…2…1…

  • The Great Mattsby

    Great news! Ordered my D600 yesterday.

  • Michael Darnton

    I’m still shooting film because I like, and use full dynamic range, and my D300 really isn’t up to the job. This is all good news to me; before this it was going to be a D800 or a Sony Nex-7.

  • 11

    I am a canon user. Take the DXO Marks with a drum of salt. It does not directly translate to photographic quality. It simply is a scientific measure.

  • mohwaksan

    They should name themselves DAssO, :) or DXtraAssO.

  • mohwaksan

    I want to see photos with ISO 12800, 25600. Letz see if D600 can do any of that. :)

  • JoeNoName

    Try to counter science

  • Vladimir Byazrov

    the only scientific thing in this test is a great marketing tool.

  • Pablo

    Great! 94 points are really a good news, that means the Nikon D600 is better than EVERY CANON. Like the D800. I think Nikon is creating the new standard of quality, the new low-cost philosophy of FF, the new high image-quality-level. The new sensor-generation is fantastic, may we all have to say THANK to Nikon but also to Sony, which sell those perfect sensors to Nikon and to HASSELBLAD. The Nikon D600 is even better than the 5DmakIII. Canon is not so good as Nikon.

  • Eziz

    You can also train to get better results in an IQ test. Doesn’t necessarily means that you’re smarter than someone with a couple of points below that yours.

  • sierrarobba

    I dont trust dxo mark!Nikon paid those people and pahse one is much better any nikon.

  • AMT

    What happened to Nikon’s flagship? Beaten by their entry level FX in every DXO categories…

  • vinterchaos

    I wonder where the A99 will fall in terms of DXO Marks

  • 11

    It appears so.. DxO still has not tested the Canon 1DX.

  • lkdlksdklldsksd

    there is no question that the 6D is to expensiv for what it offers.
    the VF is worse then the 5D MK2
    less resolution then the 5D Mk2
    the image quality seems to be the same as the 5D MK2
    only SD card slot
    the sync speed is worse then the 5D MK2
    the build quality is worse then the 5D MK2
    the ergonomics are worse then the 5D MK2

    and what do you gain?
    a digi 5 processor you won´t notice. not as RAW shooter anyway.
    a marginal better AF.. at least for near dark scenes.
    WIFI and GPS.. both features cost next to nothing to build in.
    you can buy wifi USB sticks for 10 euro and GPS tracker for 15 euro.
    so nobody can tell me these features make the camera so expensiv.
    the 6D is WORTH around 1300 euro.. not more.
    the nikon D600 is the better deal .. no question.. even if the sensor would be not as good.

  • siotg

    Dxo mark rates most of canon lens better than nikon. They must make a lot of money :-)

  • bob cooley

    It was meant as a joke (more a commentary on the polarized culture of gearheads on the net) – I’m agnostic to brand, and if had been a Canon the article was about, I would have replaced Canon w/ Nikon – had it been a Sony, I would have replaced either with “Nikon AND Canon”)…

    Photographic quality in terms of the quality of the tool is all about scientific measurement. IQ is an important part of the equation

    Of course that has little or no bearing on the ability of the user – Many photographers can create great images from less qualitative tools, and many people cannot create even decent images with the most expensive tools.

    So don’t get your undies in a bunch – it was a commentary on the over-zealous nature of the culture that values brand over actual photographs.

    I’ll take the Down votes as a compliment on this one, since I know they were made by the very types of users I was making fun of… :)

    Make Photos, not acerbic forum posts ;)

  • Greg McCary

    Well just from what I see with mine I think it will be close. I have used both a99 and D800 and noise at high ISO are about the same, The dynamic range of the a99 is off the map when compared to the a900. I am guess 92.